Cinco minutos

Trying to write a post lately has gone a little something like: 1. Open Yestertime 2. Facebook 3. Twitter 4. Email 5. Google Reader 6. Get a snack 7. Back to Yestertime 8. Facebook again (3 new status updates!) 9. Bathroom break 10. Stare into space 11. Yestertime 12. Facebook (2 more!) 13. Snack 14. Yestertime 15. Facebook 16. Twitter 17. Snack 18. Give up.

Once I did an exercise where I just wrote for 2 minutes without stopping to see what came out and I discovered that number one, two minutes wasn’t much time for writing, and number two, I was glad it was only two minutes. So LO: I partake in mine exercise once more. Only this time with five minutes on the clock. Ready? OKIE DOKIE.

I went to a thrift store today to see what glorious treasures I could unearth from underneath the moth balls and must and totally found a vintage wooden rocking horse for $3.50. Sure, it’s a little on the mangy side with its old man receding horse hair line, but seeing Rosie launch herself towards it while yelling ‘ORSE! ‘ORSE! was pretty much worth every penny.

Also. I will now tell you about more things. Which are…very…interesting….I have been watching a crazy number of movies lately. This is completely ridiculous, since I have about negative three hours to spare in my day. (Which some psychoanalyst would probably say is the reason I want to escape reality, maybe? I would explore this more, but I’VE ONLY GOT 1:45 LEFT PEOPLE.)  Anyway, they’ve been mostly good, with Milk and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (EXCEPT THE PART ABOUT THE GUM OMG) being two of my faves. Also watched: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Whip It, The Reader, Grey Gardens (both the documentary and the motion picture),  and La Vie En Rose .  L has observed that I am “into” movies, which I would deny except that I both 1.) watched the special features on every single one of these movies and 2.) also looked them all up on So. There’s that.

And now I’m down to :30! Tomorrow I will give you the chance to win some stuff.  So put on your rally cap and wear your lucky socks (and comment) to win.

Five minutes: UP.
Brain cells used: NEGLIGIBLE.
Movies left in my library request list: AT LEAST SEVEN
Minutes until I watch another one: THREE AND A HALF
Number of duties avoided while watching: INFINITE
Minutes I’m going past Five while doing this weird list: FOUR
End to this bizarre post: NOW


1 ginny { 03.30.10 at 10:12 am }

I can’t wait to see you. You can watch movies here! LARS AND THE REAL GIRL! Oh, and bring the kids.

2 Katy German { 03.30.10 at 10:47 am }

Are you FREAKING kidding me?!!!! I have been doing the same things. THE SAME THINGS. Like, exactly. The SAME movies, complete with extras and imdb. I now own N&N’s IPL… AND am saving up for Whip It – sweet. I just pulled out our shabby old flea market rocking horse for Clara. AND apparently have precisely the same computer habits…which I wrote about to my mother yesterday. I kid you not, it’s almost your words exactly. Ok, crazy psychic lady, what am I doing now? Crap. I mean after I’m done blog scanning and FBing? Huh? Tell me that!

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