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The weather around here seems to be incapable of making up its mind between Sunny and in the High 60s or 100% Chance of Dreary Misery. L’s been at my parents’ house all week in isolated study mode while my mom slugs through the sticky, tantrum-filled trenches with me here, and I have to say that on one of those Misery days it sure does boost the mood a good notch or two to get a call at work from someone at your house wanting to know where your mop is, because she might just clean the kitchen before she starts on your dinner.  It’s all kinds of awesome, except for the fact that I will have to keep stories like that from this week under wraps so that my kids don’t get some sort of unrealistic expectation that by the time they have kids I will have a.) learned how to mop or b.) stopped burning water when attempting to cook.  Sorry ’bout your luck, chickens

One small saving grace on the days of weather misery however, was the addition of my old full-sized digital piano to the Yesterhouse.  Rosie sits at that thing forever. Like 5 minutes, or something.  Going to the bathroom has reached near spa-like bliss.  The best part of it though, is the feature that lets you record yourself playing. I can record little tunes for Rosie to bop around to while I take a break….to record her bopping around. Well, anyway, whatever. It’s cute as mess.

Here’s a sample of a little something I recorded for Rosie’s enjoyment:

A Little Dance to a Little Ditty from racher on Vimeo.

ALL RIGHT. FINE. That’s not really me playing. But it totally could be, you guys. If I had a double hand replacement and also a brain transfer with someone who plays the piano. But don’t tell my kids that – what with the sub-par cooking skills and lackadaisical housekeeping, their wonderment at my fake piano playing is ALL I’VE GOT.


1 Allen { 03.12.10 at 3:03 pm }

I actually still enjoy finding out truths from my childhood, discovering your parents’ fallibility is comforting somehow; they didn’t know what they were doing either
I turned out just fine, finer than the average bear, in fact!

2 Rachel D { 03.12.10 at 7:13 pm }

Oh my fosh, my Mom visiting is like the best thing that has ever happened to my day-to-day life. She was here for 3 weeks when the baby was born and after she left I kept wondering why my ice cube trays didn’t refill themselves any more.

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