Nothing to see here

This week is repeatedly kicking me in the hind end with a pair of size 13 steel-toed boots.  Completing regular tasks has seemed not unlike qualifying for the giant slalom event in the Olympics (i.e. really difficult – AMIRITE BODE) (P.S. call me if you need a shoulder to cry on) (P.P.S. no really), and finding activities for my kids has fallen to the level of having Photo Booth babysit while I burn dinner:

Photo booth session 1    Photo booth session 2   Photo booth session 3   Photo booth session 4

In other words, sorry for the relative silence this week, but the creative juices have been low due to all available energy being funneled into things like putting one foot in front of the other, maintaining the will to live, etc. Artistic resources are being replenished as necessary and output will soon increase accordingly.


Thanks for your patience,


February 25, 2010   4 Comments