Next weekend I hold a seminar on germs

It seems I dropped the ball on my second Weekend Still Shots post, whoops. Also, the next time I am in a conversation with you and say something like “Gosh, things are so peachy! My kids are like cherubs, and my attitude could not be more superb! I think I’ll write about it on the internet!” would you do me a quick favor and SLAP ME IN THE FACE. I’m not even going to link back to all the times that I wrote posts like that and then a few days later had to eat a big fat Word Sandwich, because I might break the internet.

Friday, instead of getting a day off, I got a sick Rosie. And we all know about sick Rosie. This was timed in perfect accord with L’s informing me that he would have to work extra long hours this weekend on an assignment, so I should just plan on it being like he was away on a trip and unavailable for parenting relief.  Plus, my sister was on an actual trip, so the weekend was shaping up to be a real winner.  And Rosie was again challenging, but I’ll tell you what saved my ass: a big ol’ dose of Vitamin D. For the first time in five weeks, it did not rain on the weekend, and it was warm to boot. And you know what that means: I made those kids go outside and run LAPS, y’all.

Anyway, so the house is covered in a film of snot and dust and the pantry is empty except for a few dried apricots and a jar of black olives, and the world was deprived an arbitrary shot of some wall in my house, but I survived the weekend. Thanks, Mother Nature.

If you got some nice weather this weekend, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Digging for gold

Actually, I guess what I’m saying is, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. You can disregard the comparison to ours.

February 22, 2010   4 Comments