Made for walking

So! Yesterday was better-ish, and I was actually able to control my urge to run screaming from the house. In fact, I was, you know, the adult around here, which may or may not be the ultimate key to the secret of parenting, I discovered! Did you guys know this? No, seriously – did you already know? Because if you did and you were holding out on me, YOU SHOULD HAVE LET ME IN ON IT YOU JERKS. Or at least come to babysit my children for an hour to let me go sob over an appletini somewhere.

But I don’t want to talk about that right now. What I would like to talk about is COWBOY BOOTS. As in, I GOT ME SOME.  Here they are:

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I know that, in theory, shoes can’t really change your life or anything, but I’ll be damned if these aren’t putting a little more kick in my step. You just try to wear cowboy boots and not feel like a badass. Go on! Can’t be done. Unfortunately, as I seem to work in a place with a high rate of accidental-stepping-on-of-tiny-fingers, I don’t get to wear these as much as I might like to. But the other day I wore them to the drugstore, and Ima tell you right now, that’s the badassest I’ve ever felt buying tampons right there, HOO BOY.

Tomorrow I think I’ll wear them to the library where we’ll just SEE about that $1.10 fine, Ms. Librarian, WON’T WE.

February 3, 2010   7 Comments