I’m posting just a quick video today not just to cop out on promises of words and sentences, but to help remind myself (before posting in less abridged fashion about my frustrations later this week) that there can be a subtler, softer side to the small girl who right now is wearing down my very last reserves of goodwill and patience. Yesterday was a rough day, one where everything was a battle topped with wailing and a side of thrashing, and I was left worn out and wrung out, oversaturated with the feeling of clingy, clawing, needy, sticky toddler touch. The amount of energy needed to take care of her was staggering, too much. And all I’m left with today is a feeling of dread. I know it’s probably only a temporary thing, teething or growing or mutating or something. But dreadful is never the way you want to feel about time spent with your children. You know?

So, now that I’ve thrown a wet blanket over your morning, (you’re welcome!) I would like to give you this video as an apology, and fervently hope (for all of us) that today will be a day not of dread but of dance.

A subtle shimmy from racher on Vimeo.

February 2, 2010   8 Comments