Like I was going to leave it at one measly photo

I am elbows deep in adorable over here, sifting through 14,493 photos (Holy Oh Em GEE) in an attempt to bring you yet another video, this time in celebration of Noah’s five years (and three days) on the planet.  I plan to post it sometime this weekend, unless I get so overwhelmed with sentimental nostalgia of baby days gone by that I sob myself into a coma, in which case I will post it once I’ve woken up and also maybe had a sandwich.

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1 Leigh Ann { 01.15.10 at 10:08 am }

hee hee. i know that feeling! each time i make a new “movie” i end up all teary eyed and all “i have the cutest, most awesome kids in the world!”

can’t wait to see it!

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