Powering through

The actual post for today will be another video where I soundtrack my life into a meaningful montage, but because of the crippling school-closing .8 inch snowfall in Atlanta today I’ve been busy being home all day doing things like holding tissues on Noah’s bloody nose while he uses the bathroom. Another item on the bucket list crossed off!

The video is 75% complete though, so once L gets home and catches both children as I (lightly!) lob them his way, I’ll Vimeo it up and have it ready for your eyeballing pleasure.

But I wanted to say real quick like 1.) check back later! and 2.) DID YOU REALIZE NOAH WILL BE FIVE ON TUESDAY. Holy time warp, Batman!

That’s all for now.

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1 Katy German { 01.08.10 at 11:43 pm }

Oy, I feel you! I *barely* got through the snow day today…and NOT gracefully. Clara is exploring anger and indignation, and also walking. Samuel was just a caged wild animal. I was not dealing well at all. When Thomas got home he took one look at me, thought about 3 seconds, then scooped the kids up and out to run at the mall and eat at Chic-fil-a…windchill of -1 be damned. I’m not sure if he did that for my sake or the kids. Anyway, after crying for a while at my utter failure as a parent (today) I ate cookie dough and watched a girly movie. Thank God today was a decent work day for Thomas!!! And yes, thank God that tomorrow is a new day. Oh, and OMG this walking thing was not supposed to happen before 10 months – what is with these spunky fearless girls?! Thanks for your blog. :)

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