Patience and lollipops for everyone

I’ve just had an entire week where the adults were like totally times-fiving the kids in number, and where I had more than one moment to actually sit still for a spell (yes, I know, we were immobilized in a CAR, but by still here I mean in my mind) and read a book or just look off into the distance and gaze (GAZING! A lost art!) for no reason whatsoever, and yet here I am, unable to get off this couch dent and do our laundry because of the crippling exhaustion from today’s mid-afternoon through nighttime single-parenting debacle.

The thing is, from the time a child becomes uprightedly mobile until a little after they turn two the posture of the person directly responsible for their well being is in permanently hunched state from all the stooping and lifting and general ninja-like OOP-OMG-WHOA NELLY-HANG ON-UH OH-WAIT DON’T-QUICK CATCH THE-NO-NOing. I remember several times after Noah’s second birthday kind of looking around and being amazed at how relaxed my posture had become and wondering what was different until I finally realized hey! My spine’s no longer at 90 degrees! Look at me stand with this book atop my head! I should add, I guess, that Noah was a much more cautious and even tempered child than Rosie has been to this point. So we may be looking at a year and a half to two years more of this Homo bentus state. It’s tiring physically, it’s tiring emotionally.  It’s just TIRING, y’all.

I guess I feel a little disheartened with myself for not flying through this week on a cloud of patience and lollipops after having a bit of a mental break from Rosie. There have already been some words said more harshly than I meant to say them, there have already been sighs of annoyance, already I’ve counted to ten in my head multiple times in an attempt to cool my frustrations.  And I’m on day what of being back at this gig? Day Notverymany is what day.

It’s such a roller coaster, this young-child-parenting thing.  Things are DIRE! Then okay. Then WOE. Then beauty. Then GAH. Then OMG. Then bliss. Then contentment. Then poop.

That right there pretty much sums up most of this blog. Also life in general. And the universe.

Tomorrow’s another day though. It almost always is. So with a deep breath and stiff back I’ll do my best, maybe count to twenty this time, soften my voice, cut myself some slack. Have a lollipop. And try to remind myself that my back may be angled for some time to come so I might as well stop to enjoy the view on the floor.

Kids at play


1 ginny { 01.07.10 at 10:21 am }

You’re three for three, and the pictures are fabulous. I’d say Gaze a little. You deserve it.

2 Elissa { 01.08.10 at 11:48 am }

“It’s such a roller coaster, this young-child-parenting thing. Things are DIRE! Then okay. Then WOE. Then beauty. Then GAH. Then OMG. Then bliss. Then contentment. Then poop.” PERFECT description, Rachel. It’s so nice to read that I’m not the only one on this cruise ship. Maybe we should meet later for a drink. And then after for some barfing over the side.

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