A few hours ago I returned home after approximately eleventy infinity hours in a minivan with my entire family of origin plus Noah, which was already a screenplay for an indie film in and of itself even before the trip to the ER on the first leg of the journey.  I must have written fourteen blog posts in my head along the way, and these posts were in addition to the twenty mental entries I wrote the previous week while our power was out. Christmas was…eventful at our house, and it involved, among other things, nefarious porcelain worshiping activities in eight (EIGHT) of my family members (including me, AWESOME), an appearance of the fire department, the police department, the cable company and the power company all before 9:30 Christmas morning, a collapsed porch swing (and corresponding injured tailbone of the porch swing sitter), and for crying out loud, a broken mirror in our bathroom. Because as long as we’re throwing events in the crapper, we might as well also be cliché about it.

A lot of good things happened too, I should add, like watching Noah see the Mississippi River for the first time, an unforgettable family gathering for my uncle’s wedding in San Antonio, Noah and I celebrating the New Year countdown all alone under the covers of our cozy bed at the hotel after a 13-hour drive, intense father-daughter bonding in our absence, and intense family re-bonding within the confines of a jam-packed Dodge Caravan motoring across five states.

All in all, it was a memorable holiday season. There are pictures and pictures and some more pictures, and HOO BOY are there stories. But while I’m over here getting my ducks in a row and my ass re-innervated, please enjoy this sneak peek into our family’s slap happy Road Tripapalooza*:





Remember the…wait what was it again?


*There will also probably be a video slide show set to music in the near future. Because I can’t be trusted to help myself about such things.


1 Gramps { 01.05.10 at 8:30 pm }

Something should definitely be said about what a GREAT traveler Noah was, even on the two 13 hour days in the car.

2 Carol { 01.05.10 at 8:41 pm }

I’ve been lonesomely lurking on the Yestertime site waiting for your return. I can hardly wait for you to translate the stories into text!! Welcome home, Rachel and Noah.

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