Prank call

Last night we attempted to set up a Skype call between my mother-in-law and Noah so that she could read him a bedtime story, something she frequently does. Because we are currently painting L’s study (I know, it’s a sickness, really, the room painting) the desktop was unplugged, and since I have been meaning to download Skype onto my laptop for my week long trip to San Antonio next week (sidenote: I am going to be halfway across the country universe from Rosie for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS and I can’t think about it without scooping her up and smothering her chapped cheeks with kisses until she smacks me in the face and the pain of leaving subsides for a nanosecond. I cannot even imagine how I’m going to exist without her for that long. GAH. GAH. OMG. OK. Moving on…) I set it up and we dialed her up, but weird space/time continuum things kept happening with the video. She’d be talking normally, but her face would be moving in slow motion, and then it would freeze, and then the picture would continue normally, but the action would be 30 seconds behind real time.  It was bizarre.  We fooled around with our settings, and she messed with hers, eventually just deciding to read the book in stilted fragments with promises to work on technical difficulties for next time.

Later that night I was sitting in bed noodling around on the net when I got an incoming Skype call from her again, and thinking that she was working on some of the bugs from the first time, I answered.  This time the video wasn’t even attempting to show, and I also couldn’t hear her.  And then a chat popped up:

[12/21/09 10:46:35 PM] GSE: i don’t know how to do it
[12/21/09 10:46:46 PM] racher: boo
[12/21/09 10:46:53 PM] racher: is it your end or mine?
[12/21/09 10:46:57 PM] GSE: i think mine
[12/21/09 10:47:03 PM] racher: hmm
[12/21/09 10:47:09 PM] GSE: it says my microphone is low
[12/21/09 10:47:20 PM] racher: when we get the study fixed we can try again on that computer
[12/21/09 10:47:34 PM] racher: even though it might be your issue
[12/21/09 10:49:07 PM] GSE: it says i don’t have the microphone plugged in
[12/21/09 10:49:19 PM] racher: can you hear me?
[12/21/09 10:49:24 PM] GSE: yes
[12/21/09 10:49:37 PM] GSE: hmmm

At this point, I stop chatting and start talking….to my computer screen, which is typing back to me. It is all very sci-fi and weird.

[12/21/09 10:49:46 PM] GSE: where is the microphone?

(I mess around with my computer, trying to tell where mine is, wondering aloud still if it is her issue or my issue)

[12/21/09 10:49:53 PM] GSE: mine
[12/21/09 10:52:23 PM] GSE: yes
[12/21/09 10:52:30 PM] GSE: no

I am awkwardly conversing with my laptop-in-law, asking random questions and trying to troubleshoot when she says,

[12/21/09 10:52:39 PM] GSE: you look funny

Now things have entered a whole new level of ridiculous because I am talking to a computer in my lap in my pajamas and it is typing responses back to me, AND insulting me. As my mother-in-law.

“Well, you look like your profile picture,” I say back, tilting the camera away from my face.

[12/21/09 10:52:59 PM] GSE: you mean GSE’s profile picture

Oh, GAME ON. “What do you mean GSE’s profile picture? Is this not GSE? Who is this?”

[12/21/09 10:53:03 PM] GSE: hahahahaha
[12/21/09 10:53:12 PM] GSE: who do you think it is…..


[12/21/09 10:53:15 PM] GSE: mwhahahaha
[12/21/09 10:53:22 PM] GSE: duh


[12/21/09 10:55:06 PM] GSE: yes


[12/21/09 10:55:13 PM] GSE: hahaha
[12/21/09 10:55:13 PM] GSE: no

“Well, the only one left down there is Cyrus the dog.”

[12/21/09 10:55:22 PM] GSE: how did you know!
[12/21/09 10:55:30 PM] GSE: they taught me how to type

“Wow. Well done. Good dog.”

[12/21/09 10:55:43 PM] GSE: you really don’t know who this is?
[12/21/09 10:55:58 PM] GSE: who has GSE’s computer
[12/21/09 10:56:00 PM] GSE: ?

At this point I realize it has been my sister the whole time. Upstairs. Above my head. Watching me awkwardly video chat and telling me I looked funny.

[12/21/09 10:56:05 PM] GSE: hahahahhaha




I’ve tried to be better about updating my Flickr site a little more regularly.  Go take a looksee when you get a chance. Much obliged.


1 Leigh Ann { 12.22.09 at 10:46 am }

LOL!!!! that’s pretty darn funny!!!!

btw, whatcha going to san antonio for?

2 racher { 12.22.09 at 11:08 am }

Oh right, I forgot to say…my uncle is getting married on New Year’s Day there. So it will be a fun trip. (Still. SEVEN DAYS. GAH.)

3 ginny { 12.22.09 at 11:47 am }

I must say that midnight call reads a little like the twilight zone from my point of view. Nonetheless: Sister Sarah: you rock!

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