Opening the door

I was cleaning out a bag from last week’s Thanksgiving trip and must have pulled out six or seven crumpled up, mustard and god-knows-what-else stained napkins with little snippets and phrases written on them.  Ideas for blog posts, all of them. The discovery made me realize two things: 1. For the love, I should just buy a small notebook to carry around, and 2. I am not finding the time to get these wrinkled thoughts onto paper (screen).

The truth of it is, I find myself wishing I had a legitimate reason to be able to take that time every day to write.  Or the means to forge a way into making it so.  Because as engrossing as my caps lock laden epics are, they don’t quite pay the babysitter (or for themselves for that matter). And in a world where fifteen whole minutes of my day often can be devoted to heavy negotiations regarding Number of Lima Bean Bites That Must Be Suffered For Dessert Attainment, babysitters are key to this desired venture.

I would like to just go ahead and have a big old wallow in self-pity about all of this, except this is the post where I’m telling you about the New Exciting Thing, and damn if that isn’t throwing a wallop of a kink into my pity party plans.

So! All of this is a very undignified and mopey way of telling you that starting at the beginning of next year, I will have a regular column in a new magazine called Ruckus.  At which point I should get off my mope-horse and add: Exclamation point!  Because I am in fact, very exclamation pointy about it!  Ruckus is an Atlanta-based alternative parenting magazine “for Atlanta families that don’t fit in the traditional mold.”  It’s a pretty awesome magazine, I do declare, and if you are in the area you should totally grab one (if you become a fan on Facebook, it tells you where it is distributed – their newest issue comes out today).

Of course, if you do get one, you should immediately turn to the back page and read my column and say loudly WOW THAT BACK PAGE COLUMNIST SURE IS A TERRIFIC WRITER so that other magazine and/or book publishers who will most certainly be surrounding you at that moment will immediately and probably breathlessly ask you for my contact information so that they can approach me with their myriad of freelance writing job offers.  This will almost definitely work.  I know it.

In the meantime, check out Ruckus, and look for the next issue in January/February featuring me!  Being funny! Because it’s supposed to be a humor column!  Which I am trying not to freak out about!  Which I seem to be excelling at so far!  Judging by my punctuation!

So I guess I’ll have to forgo the wallow for now, because it does feel an awful lot like this could be the door that my foot has found to get in and I’ll just go ahead and admit it: it feels exciting as hell.


1 Jill Tolbert { 11.30.09 at 7:48 am }

And we can all say we knew you when…! Congrats. :-) Can’t wait to see your name in “real” print in 2010!

2 Amy { 11.30.09 at 7:53 am }

Wow! Congratulations!

3 Elizabeth { 11.30.09 at 9:04 am }

Can I have your autograph before you become too famous? :-)

4 libby { 11.30.09 at 12:23 pm }

mazel tov!

5 katelyn { 11.30.09 at 12:47 pm }

that’s super exciting! yay for you!

6 Ashlyn { 11.30.09 at 1:17 pm }


7 Leigh Ann { 11.30.09 at 3:01 pm }

sweeeeeeet! i can’t wait for the day that the famous writer/lawyer couple can start paying for our beach vacations! 😉

but seriously, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! and you better believe i’m gonna start subscribing to that magazine. cause, i’m not ashamed at all to say i blog-stalk all my friends who have a blog, and this column will be no different!

8 racher { 11.30.09 at 3:17 pm }

Ha! I should mention – it’s a free publication (hence the full issue being viewable online) But I’ll send you a real one if you want! My subscription fees are low!

9 Leigh Ann { 11.30.09 at 3:24 pm }

even better! it’s easier to stalk online…hee hee…

10 Rachel W { 11.30.09 at 8:00 pm }


11 Sara P { 11.30.09 at 10:27 pm }

yay Rachel! I’m super excited about this and will make sure that I send the online version to all of my parenting friends (I already get them to read your blog so that they can laugh and love right along with ya)! Go you!!

12 Samantha { 12.01.09 at 8:54 am }

Um. I don’t even HAVE kids, but I will totally be reading this! Congratulations a million times over, Rachel! I am SO excited for you!

13 Trenches of Mommyhood { 12.02.09 at 2:46 pm }

Congrats – you totally deserve it!

14 Patrick { 12.03.09 at 12:12 pm }

A late congrats! A round of bagels and cream cheese for everyone!!! Make that 3 rounds, I am giddy and feeling rather girly today.

15 Lisa O { 12.04.09 at 1:05 pm }

you go girl…your intellectual and humorous expanse and use of the english language rocks my world! congrats! and anytime you need a break from the “2 kids all day, everyday” routine, bring ’em on to Clarkston! I know one 10 year old girl child who would love some babysitting practice and one 7 yr old boy child who needs a break fromt he aforementioned 10 year old girl child!

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