Tasting the rainbow

he can’t read you
books tonight
I say for the tenth day
in a row.
He has work to do.
You’re stuck with me.

Something about
his forlorn face
reminds me of a girl
I once knew
missing someone she loved
across an ocean
devised a plan.

A box of Tic Tacs
perfectly counted out
to the number of days
until she would see him again.
Daily she ate
as she waited
for him to be there
with her.

All we need
I explain
is a jar and something small
and sweet
so that we can count down
the days
until he can be with us

Thinking on this
with his serious mind
he decides:
So we tally them up
and drop them in
one by one
with a plink.

Now every day
after lunch
with a flourish
one is chosen.
Green yesterday
red today
each one a little sweeter
than the last.

And it helps
for a minute
that sugar rush.
Sweetening a moment
in the middle
of days often filled
with longing
and discontent.

But as I stand later doing dishes
eyes level with the sill
that holds the jar
all I can see
is how many colors
there are to go
before we reach
that pot of gold.


1 Allen { 11.24.09 at 2:19 pm }

I’m a big fan of paperchains too….thought he may make one in school for 12/25

2 Ben { 11.29.09 at 11:21 pm }

Thank you for today’s Moment of Zen.

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