The First of Rosie

If I hadn’t permanently crossed my eyeballs in on themselves from editing this RosiestravaGANZA! ten minute, seriously-you-should-think-about-popping-yourself-some-popcorn video, I would have waxed all kinds of poetic as a prologue to it.  However, my technological learning curve is way steep, but not, unfortunately, as steep as my expectations.  So that is why I will just try to be as coherent as possible as I sit here in the wee hours to tell you: I LOVE ROSIE P.S. HERE IS HER VIDEO.

In all seriousness, I’m not even sure I could find the right words to describe the ways she has changed my life in just twelve months.  Noah changed my life by adding a layer to me that didn’t previously exist: Mother.  But Rosie has changed me in a different way. She helped me find things in me that were already there, long forgotten or never even known.  You can’t help but dive into a reflection pool when you are a woman birthing a female child.  In so many ways, good and bad, she is you.  You are her.  And all this is amplified for me as I see her grow and realize all the ways in which Noah is different from me.  He’s an apple not very far from his father’s tree, and already, at one year old, I can see Rosie’s plump and shiny fruit plain as day, right on the ground at my rooted feet.

She is her own person too, of course, and as I see this person emerge I marvel at her tenacity and her pluck.  Her joy and her strength.  Her beauty and her vivacity.  Her rock star hair.

I’m just ever so grateful to have had this fledgling time with her – this small sliver of her life where she is most fully mine and least the world’s – because I know that soon (unbelievably soon) I will have to let her go into that exhilarating expanse beyond my here and now and continue on the path that she so clearly has always known and claimed, right from the very beginning.

The First of Rosie from racher on Vimeo.


1 Darth { 11.09.09 at 7:38 am }

WOW! Rosie is one precocious (not to mention precious) girl. Her speech at 1.03 years is already ahead of some who are much older (Sarah Palin, for example). I predict that by the age of 4 she will be addressing the United Nations.

2 Lynn Peek { 11.09.09 at 8:02 am }

How adorable! Thank you for sharing her life.

3 Jill Tolbert { 11.09.09 at 10:09 am }

Tears welling up in my eyes. Srsly. I just love the mother that you are, and the kids that N & R are because they have such wonderful parents. You rock.

4 Jill Tolbert { 11.09.09 at 10:13 am }

And another thing. If you were just a doctor, you’d have no time to do this, and THIS is what matters most. You have chosen wisely.

5 Anjie { 11.09.09 at 11:02 am }

I second what Jill said! I’m not only astounded at the amazing and seriously fun person Rosie is, but also at the abundant compassion Noah has as a big brother. He’s always been an amazing child, but the beauty of their relationship is amazing in all new ways. You and L are fabulous parents and I’m so glad that you work to capture all of these moments, even in the midst of absurd technical difficulties!

6 Leigh Ann { 11.09.09 at 12:01 pm }

so awesome! i got tears in my eyes when you guys were singing happy birthday to her! makes me want to make another one! uh, movie…not baby.

7 Leigh Ann { 11.09.09 at 12:05 pm }

btw, you are so right on about having a daughter. and amplify that times 100 when they are your first. :)

8 katelyn { 11.09.09 at 7:55 pm }

just lovely.

9 Gramps { 11.09.09 at 8:25 pm }

Great music, awesome video (you are really good at this). And I was wondering how long it would take you to use “Cracklin’ Rosie.”

10 Sara P { 11.09.09 at 11:38 pm }

Your children make me want to go out and adopt some of my own! The love that they have for each other and yall is just amazing – it fills my heart with joy! Amazing – and what an amazing mom you are to allow them to grow into who they are called to be!

11 Carol { 11.10.09 at 8:42 pm }

I’m honored to be able to witness Rosie’s and Noah’s childhood through your tender commentary and terrific video/photography. Thank you, Rachel and L.

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