Busters, busted. (Plus a bonus)

When There’s Something Strange In The Neighborhood

While riding in the car the other day, Rosie did something totally uncharacteristic and began to fuss about having to sit in her car seat.  WOE. She seemed to say. LIFE IS CRUEL. Except it was more like EEEEYAAAAMAMAMAMABUHBUHBUHEEEEDADADADA repeat, repeat, ad hominem, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.  My solution for this situation of late has been to toss her my cell phone, because quieting that racket is totally worth the cost of a few texts to China.  So far the phone has a 100% hushing success rate, and when that rate starts to dip I am thinking of buying her a Blackberry.  Hey – whatever works.   In the past week or so, since she has become a wizened one year old woman of the world, she has started to hold the phone up to her ear (-ish vicinity) and pretend to talk, a particularly adorable trick.  On this particular day as she started in on her baby business deals, I said in the rearview mirror, “Rosie, who are you going to call?  Ghostbusters?” Noah, who was engrossed in his daily obsessive car watching, immediately perked up and said “Did you just say Ghostbusters? What is a buster?”  Which I then attempted to explain. Poorly.  I think I said something about a vacuum. And also slime. Noah pondered this explanation for a few minutes before deciding that “busting” was a completely unsatisfactory term and that to help out all others who might have the same affliction with the title he would now call it “GET GHOSTS.”

Maybe you were confused about this, and didn’t even know it.  Well now you know: who you’re gonna call is GHOST GETTERS.

He Asked For This

L: (as we exit Target) Hmm, I may have picked out the wrong toilet paper.

Rachel: What? How can toilet paper be wrong?

L: Well, it says “one-ply” so…

R: Dude, this is a TWENTY PACK.  You just bought us a SHIT-TON of ONE-PLY TP.

L: Oops.

R: Might as well use our hands. Geez.

L: You’re totally going to Twitter about this aren’t you.

R: Ugh. I should. But I’ll spare you the embarassment.

L:  You’re too scared, huh?


R: Just giving you a minute to realize why you shouldn’t have said that.

Seriously I’m Hoping He Left Some of These Genes for My Other Kids

Family surprise


1 ginnymom { 11.03.09 at 3:35 pm }

not yet five or did I miss three or four birthdays somewhere?

2 racher { 11.03.09 at 5:20 pm }

I should say – he did ask how to spell “surprise” but everything else (idea included) he did himself. I KNOW, RIGHT?

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