A Lovely Evening For Eating Outside

“Can we eat outside?”
He asks,
And waits for the answer
With breath bated,
And shining face upturned,
Full of hope.

I look around
At the forlorn patio
And its sticky tables,
Wads of gum barely concealed
In their abandoned umbrella holes.

DQ Jail

Then moving his gaze
Past my eyes
Towards the dusky sky,
He continues.
“It’s a lovely evening,”
He says
“For eating outside.”

After pausing for a moment
To wonder
When he started
Sounding sixty five
And also British
I agree and acquiesce.


It seems unbelievable
That such small allowances
On my part
Can create such joy
On his.
But they do.


It’s just
A two dollar cup of ice cream
At a metal table
On a concrete slab
Inside a rusty fence
On a busy highway.


And yet
We sat there
Beneath the fluorescent
Ice cream sign
And the purple sky.
A boy and his mama
Sharing a treat al fresco.

FACE again!

And it was
A very lovely evening

DQ in the hizzouse!


1 Jill Tolbert { 09.18.09 at 10:14 pm }

MOTD = You.

2 rebekah { 09.19.09 at 7:18 pm }

KOTD = Noah

3 lisa { 09.21.09 at 7:58 am }

simple pleasures=LOVE

4 Allen { 09.21.09 at 9:27 am }

that picture of Noah jumping off the table looks like he could be 12 years old….it’s coming!!

5 Anjie { 09.21.09 at 3:09 pm }

That is one happy boy!

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