Haha, just kidding!  Apparently!  About the internet-being-out thing! Because here I am! On the internet! Typing with my exclamation heavy fingers!

Obviously I think it is a great thing that our connection to the Whole Wide World was restored, but not just for the usual reasons of web-window shopping or Mad Men watching.  The attitudes around here, they were starting to cultivate an anti-The Man sentiment in all our conversations, including ones to the children.  “It’s true Noah, owls CAN turn their heads all the way around.  It’s totally awesome, and I would show you a video of it on the computer, but AT&T told me I couldn’t do that with you. Sorry.”
“Yes, Daddy did get very wet on his ride home, isn’t that terrible? If only AT&T had let us look up the weather today, Daddy would have stayed dry.”

These conversations really happened.

But things are smooth sailing now, internetically speaking.  This means we can get on to more important subjects, namely the fact that Rosie can now do this:

Stander upper
I’m rad!

I remember this phase distinctly from Noah’s babydom, which is not a hard feat because we took approximately 346 pictures of it.  Noah standing up holding on to my leg. Noah standing up holding on the safety gate. Noah standing up holding on to the TV. Noah standing up holding on to the exact same safety gate again but OMG look how cute he is and he has on a different outfit so it must be recorded, etc.

Tiny Noah stander
Teeny tiny Noah and his mad standin’ skillz (and my lack of camera skillz)

I have to say that I am really looking forward to the walking phase to come, both because I think it will mean much more interactive play between Rosie and Noah, but also because maybe then I won’t need to use Lava soap to wash off the floor filth on Rosie’s arms and legs every night.

It’s pretty cool to watch, this your-own-flesh-and-blood-growing-up-before-your-very-eyes stuff.  Thanks for ponying up, AT&T, and letting my flesh and blood continue growing up before other people’s very eyes, too.



1 jonathan hickman { 09.01.09 at 8:01 am }

I think you sent the “no internet” bug to our house. Ours went off abruptly in the middle of Tigger and Pooh babysit baby Hickman. And it hasn’t come back. And I’m over it.

I love the toddler phase. It gets a lot easier when they can control where they are instead of just crying. Plus it’s just dern cute to see a little person walking around.

2 Lynn Peek { 09.03.09 at 5:16 am }

I can’t believe that’s 2 different kids! I glanced at the pictures and thought, “Where’s Rosie standing in the second one? They must be visiting someone else’s house.”

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