Jenga Kingdom

Sometimes Noah builds a block castle so awesome that he BLOWS HIS OWN MIND.

Jenga Kingdom

Downward Dog

It used to be that if the room that Rosie was in fell silent, we could be sure that it was because she was gumming a finishing nail or possibly a live insect. Now half the time we rush in to investigate the quiet and are greeted with a raised tush and upside down eyes and an expression that is clearly saying NAMASTE, Y’ALL.

Yogic baby

Actual Dog

My friend Allen has a dog named Wendy. When Allen pets Wendy in the right spot, she looks like she’s grinning from ear to ear. Rosie tried repeatedly to make out with her on Saturday, but Wendy was very tolerant and gentle, more interested in Noah’s caramel cake than Rosie’s advances. That’s right Wendy, you wait for that girl to buy you some dinner.


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1 Allen { 08.25.09 at 9:55 am }

So I’m guessing you found the fourty bajillion pictures I took of Rosie and Anj?

Was there any documentation of said puppy on baby action?

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