Beachaikus Part 2: Creativity Wanes

Alternate title – Beachaikus Part 2: There Aren’t Actually Any Haikus.

But still I post!  Because I am a woman of my word(s)!  This trip involved less beer and more outdoor adventures than the first.  Because while it’s great fun to sit around and just straight up hang with your friends for hours on end at the beach, a few days doing that with family will make even the most sedentary of vacationers slap on the sunscreen and say SOMEONE GET ME A KAYAK*.

Speaking of kayaking, L and I went on a short paddle on the next to last day we were there, and while exploring a little path? tributary? crack? through the grass in the inlet, I felt my oar bump against something under my kayak and remarked about how we must be in shallow water because see how far down my oar goes? Only it was clearly not shallow on the other side of my kayak, because my oar was many feet down with nary a brush with solid.  Hmm, that’s funny! I said to L. Wonder what that was?  And then, like my brain is wont to do, it pulled up the sound bite least appropriate to the situation I was in: the conversation I had with L’s sister about how she wondered if there weren’t some gators out in the grassy parts of the water.  And I was all, seriously brain? We’re going to go there?  And then my oar bumped something else, and it was my body that responded OH HELL YES WE ARE – PADDLE FOR YOUR LIFE YOU CRAZY MOFO.

So I may or may not have hit a giant underwater alligator. Twice.  Or I may just be mentally unstable.  Not sure which.

But also you guys there were DOLPHINS.  Not like a few pansy coming up for water a couple of times dolphins but like bunches of dolphins.  Schools of dolphins. UNIVERSITIES OF DOLPHINS.  There were so many dolphins that by the end of the week I almost got bored of dolphins, which is like saying “Ugh. Is that ANOTHER rainbow? Didn’t we just have one of those like YESTERDAY?” (I’m making a huge assumption here that you find rainbows as cosmically magical and beautiful as I do, because if you don’t, well, you may very well have a Ziploc bag full of motor oil where your heart is supposed to be.) Anyway, dolphins. There were a lot.  And I got really close to the dolphins, which was cool, but even cooler was the fact that I was with Noah when it happened:

DOLPHINS YOU GUYS from racher on Vimeo.

So all in all, a pretty awesome trip to the shore, a nice complement to the week before.

Damn, you just cannot STOP the poetry in my soul from bursting out.

(Pictures from the trip are here.)

*I would like to pause here and say that these very people are some of my most loyal readers and so I would like to make it clear that I think they are So Totally Awesome In Every Possible Way and hope that they understand where I’m coming from when I say that.  The fact of their Total Awesomeness pretty much assures me that they do.

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1 Ginny { 07.28.09 at 8:11 pm }

I just love being a STAIEPW. That helps compensate for my inability to dance.

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