Mom, watch me jump
It’s the highest you’ve ever seen,
You say to me
Approximately a gamillion and one times.

Noah jump 6

Distractedly, with tired eyes
I point my face in your direction
Spoonful of pureed carrots
Halfway to your sister’s mouth.

Noah jump 3

It’s been a lonely week for you,
Sick-sistered brother,
With lots of In A Minutes,
Shhhhs, and Not Right Nows.

Noah jump 2

The learning curve’s been steep
For this fledgling two kid mama.
I get it wrong
More of the time than I’d like.

Noah jump 5

Grateful then, am I
That you are the kind of kid
Who when put off 43 times in a row
Holds fast to your joyful momentum

Noah jump 4

And on that 44th time
When I finally lift my weary head to your direction
And unclouded give to you a long deserved moment,
You jump.

Noah jump 1

And you’re right:
It is the highest I’ve ever ever seen.


1 Elizabeth { 05.22.09 at 7:02 am }

Beautiful! The pictures really capture his spirit.

2 Jill Tolbert { 05.22.09 at 7:47 am }

Wonderful! What champs you ALL are!

3 Amy { 05.22.09 at 2:19 pm }

And now I don’t want a 2nd child. Beautifully written, though. :)

4 Ginny { 05.24.09 at 6:30 pm }

ha! poetry… a new yestertime feature. Very cool.

5 Elissa { 05.24.09 at 7:32 pm }

From one fledgling two-kid mama to another… I’m willing to bet my whole year’s salary (well, what I’m worth, so they say) that you’re doing better than you think you are. And I’m willing to bet twice that amount that Noah would agree with me. I’m just sayin’. :)

6 Andy Acton { 06.02.09 at 5:55 am }

This is the art of life captured beautifully…thanks Rachel.

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