Party Crashers

Dear Baby Teeth,

You suck.

We’re done with the all night raves around here.  You missed them.  They’re over.  Tough luck.  You could have perhaps attended the “Learning How to Sleep In the Crib Bash” we had a few months ago, or perhaps the “Rootin’ Tootin’ Gas-a-thon” that we threw last week.  But you decided not to.  Your loss.  We have officially moved on to Snoozapalooza 2009, and that show?  SOLD OUT, DUDES.

So get over yourselves.  Get the message.  Get a life.



Team Rosie

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1 Trenches of Mommyhood { 05.14.09 at 9:51 pm }

Yeah, teething sucks it. For 2 full years.
What helps? Wine. Lots.

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