There is someone conspicuously missing from the Wall of Life in our house.  Seems like if she’s been around for six whole months we might as well act like she lives here.  And leaving the spit up on the couch until it’s petrified doesn’t count as a meaningful sign of her existence in our family.  So we need some pitchers up there, STAT.

I have a few favorites, but I’m curious if there are any that have caught your eye since her birth.  (Feel free to peruse my Flickr account for a refresher.)  Is there one that stuck in your mind after you saw it? One you can see in a frame on the wall? Which would you pick?  What Would Internets Do (WWID)?

I really do want to know, but I’m also sort of desperate for adult human (uh, cyber) interaction via comments and won’t care if you think all my pictures are total and utter crap, so long as you log in to tell me so. Thank God for Facebook or otherwise I might be toting the kids down to the corner gas station with my guitar and a sign that says, “WILL SING FOR WITTY REPARTEE.”

I’m only sort of kidding.


1 Ali R { 05.06.09 at 7:48 pm }

Hey Rachel! I love all the photos you post. You really have an eye for taking good pitchers. One of my favorite Rosie photos is the “gnome baby” one, where she’s lying on a white blanket in the little pink pajamas/elf suit. Precious.

2 Betsy { 05.06.09 at 7:55 pm }

I like pretty much any where Noah and Rosie are laying together, especially the one where she’s on a pink blanket and he’s playing cars. Also, any picture of anyone kissing anyone (Lorso/Noah/You>Rosie, Noah>you, are there any of Rosie kissing anyone?).

3 Gramps { 05.06.09 at 8:16 pm }

The three you posted on her six month old day would make a nice threesome series. They capture three of the many sides of her lovely personality.

4 Ashlyn { 05.06.09 at 8:21 pm }

I vote for either the gnome one of her alone on the white blanket, the one of her waving at the camera, or a triptych of the ones of she and Noah on the blanket outside (maybe the first two and then the last one?). Any of them would be precious, though!

5 Leigh Ann { 05.06.09 at 8:29 pm }

i really liked the photo of you holding rosie close to your face, the one where you compared how much she looks like noah did as a baby. i think you had the same type picture of noah up to your face as a baby. sooooo cute. i would frame both of those side by side!!

6 Sara P { 05.06.09 at 10:53 pm }

the one that still gets me laughing and just wanting to go out and have a baby is the one with Rosie waving at us – “hey!” – where she’s on Lorso’s lap…that one is brilliant! I’m also a big fan of any of the Noah and Rosie lying down together because they are too cute!

7 Tayd { 05.06.09 at 11:29 pm }

So I can’t provide the witty repartee, but I will provide a comment. I really like the “hey” one, too, and the Fresh and Clean one. YAWN, Together Nap, Gnome, and the last March 26 ones of Noah and Rosie together (the one next to the hurrying to the start line) are the rest of my favorites.
I love your Wall of Life, and was just wondering the other day when Rosie might make her debut (are you going to add her to the page head, too?). Have fun!

8 Jo(s)e(ph) { 05.07.09 at 2:07 am }

the rosie burrito picture. by far my favorite picture of her/maybe of all time.

9 racher { 05.07.09 at 6:04 am }

OMG this is like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one. Thanks for the suggestions! Looks like I’m going to need a bigger wall….

Also, YES, I am going to switch up the header pictures, one of these days.

10 Allen { 05.07.09 at 8:42 am }

one word: Uggs

11 Allen { 05.07.09 at 8:49 am }

ok, some more words; I’m going on memory so my next suggestion might match up with everyone’s elf/gnome selection. (ala Friends) The One Where Rosie Is Off To The Right On Her Back On A White Blanket.

and the one (ha! there’s a kajillion) where both kiddos are asleep, or the one (see ‘ha’ comment above) with Noah kissing her.

And some unsolicited advice; I was a proud communist as a kid and would not tolerate uneven representation with my pack o’ sisters. Read; take some of Noah down (and recycle frames) or put a whole hell-of-a-lot of new Rosie pics.

Providing unsolicited advice since 1979

12 Gramps { 05.07.09 at 10:17 am }

I second the “Hey” picture. And yes, the nap picture with her and Noah close face to face asleep definitely needs to be up there.

13 amy { 05.07.09 at 11:27 am }

the Rosie and Great Grand-daddy picture is PRECIOUS. I want that one on MY wall. (not really, I’m not crazy.) I also love the one of her in the Easter dress, the conversation on the grass one, the “Hey” picture, and, um, any with both kids together. Guess that’s not super helpful, is it? Since I don’t actually know her, it’s impossible to tell which one really captures her, you know? But those would be my votes for, like, “the cutest kids of ’09” calendar. Have a good day. :)

14 libby { 05.07.09 at 2:18 pm }

i really love the picture of the kiddos playing cars, from the post the other day.

15 Deb { 05.07.09 at 5:03 pm }

I think the “hey” picture on the couch should definitely go on the wall. It’s classic….I think it’s good enough to be published really….i’m sure someone needs it for advertising! =)

16 ginnymom { 05.08.09 at 9:31 am }

so here’s my comment: if you take any of Noah down and don’t have a convenient place to store them, I would be glad to keep the one of Noah on the back steps waiting for his dad. just til you need it back, of course. :-) Gnome Rosie is still my favorite, but she’s just getting cuter every day. I get to see her next week!

17 ginnymom { 05.08.09 at 9:32 am }

and what’s with the root canal?

18 racher { 05.08.09 at 12:40 pm }

If you click in to my Twitter account you can see the tweet before that – it makes sense if you see them both….

19 Stephanie { 05.08.09 at 2:41 pm }

i love “fresh n’ clean,” “funny mug,” and “do what?” all so cute…i can see after having all of them build up over 6 months how hard it would be to choose…

20 Becca M. { 05.08.09 at 5:13 pm }

Ha! I was searching through your Flickr photos just two days ago for the Wall of Life photo! Looks like I could have saved myself some time if I had waited a couple of days. I am thinking of doing something like it and was looking for ideas. Anywho, here are my favorite Rosie photo adds: “Ro and No,” “Hey,” “Tongue out,” and “Love.”

21 racher { 05.08.09 at 6:53 pm }

Becca – I have a tip! That L thought of really but I am going to pawn it off as my own brilliance!
Arrange the pictures on the floor how you want them on the wall and then TAKE A PICTURE OF IT on your digital camera, and that way as you hang each one you can just reference the picture to remember how you had it.
It will minimize the cussing.

22 Kolbi Cumbo-Lynn { 05.08.09 at 8:52 pm }

baby burrito. absolutely.

23 Parker { 05.08.09 at 10:48 pm }

Dear Rachel, should you ever trek down to the corner gas station for said panhandling, call me first. I so want to see that. Also, I’m useless on picking photos, ’cause your children are too cute in too many of them.

24 racher { 05.09.09 at 7:49 am }

Parker, you just reminded me that I should get Candace and her ukelele in on that action so that we could do “Ring of Fire” – maybe you could interpretively dance? We would rack IN the donations.

25 Tayd { 05.13.09 at 11:20 pm }

Oh, yay, yay, YAY for new headers! I love them. Thanks. Hope the wall of life selection process is going well.

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