There’s a guy who’s been awake since the second World War

1. I am ass-draggingly, mind-numbingly, bone-achingly WHIPPED.  All available energy is being used for purposes other than blogging, such as making sure my fork reaches its mouth-hole target without disaster, and remembering to use soap when showering.

2. I am working on a short movie for your viewing pleasure.  It is in honor of Rosie turning 6 months.  It should be done in time for her high school graduation.  (See #1)

3.  These things suck: car alarms that go off outside the windows of babies who just fell asleep after being soothed for 20 minutes with forty quadrillion lip-numbing shhhs, dropping a whole damn container of blueberries on the floor, bloody noses, the sound of a four year old grinding his everloving teeth all the live long night, the creaky boards right outside Rosie’s door, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM and 5AM, also did I mention bloody noses, uncut baby fingernails and NOT SLEEPING.

4.   Never underestimate the power of THE PRUNE.

5.  Operation Deflabbify has been on definite hiatus for a good while now, something I’m not proud of but will freely admit.  The cover of the Shred has dust on it.  But frankly, the thought of spending twenty precious free minutes of my day looking at Jillian Michael’s severe horsey stare makes me twitch involuntarily.  I swear though, once I get more sleep I’m jumping right back on that, um…

I’m just going to stop there.


1 Dorothy { 05.05.09 at 7:12 pm }

CREAKY BOARDS…OMG…I find myself doing Mission Impossible manouvers trying to get out of Taylor’s room at naptime – I have found the boards that do not squeak, but it looks ridiculous tip toeing from one creak-free step to the next, holding on to door frames along the way so I don’t lose my balance. I would also add to the sucky things list – the debri pick-up trucks that come during naptime, beep when they back up, and honk when they leave a house…arg

2 Patrick { 05.06.09 at 2:13 pm }

Is it July 5 yet?

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