The Happy Quest for Independent Uprightedness

Let’s just go ahead and admit that a good portion of the reason I had kids was for their entertainment value.

I give you Exhibit 276:

Sit Fail from racher on Vimeo.


1 Elizabeth { 04.15.09 at 7:57 am }


2 Gramps { 04.15.09 at 9:11 am }

Fun–a family tradition. Any significance to the fact that she falls toward the right every time?

3 Rev. Mama { 04.15.09 at 2:00 pm }

I’ve never enjoyed watching a baby fall so much!

P.S. The TV movie of Alice in Wonderland – like, the 2-part series with Carol Channing and Sammy Davis, Jr.?!?! It was the greatest thing of ALL TIME, and I watched it a bajillion times in my youth (except the super-scary Jabberwocky parts). It came out when I was 7 1/2, and Alice was *also* 7 1/2, so clearly, it was meant for me. I’m so glad to know others remember…

4 racher { 04.15.09 at 2:11 pm }

Yes – C. Channing, S. Davis Jr, RINGO STARR, Scott Baio, Sherman Helmsley, I am telling you, everyone wanted a piece of that magic! It is seriously, totally, wonderfully abysmal. (Jabberwock also made me pee my pants.)

5 Rachel D { 04.16.09 at 3:15 pm }

This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen, IN MY LIFE! I think what makes it so cute is that she is so cheerful and clearly thrilled to be hanging out with Mama and Bro, even if she keeps falling over.

6 racher { 04.16.09 at 3:41 pm }

Just wait – your baby will do the same thing!! Really, the falling over on the bed thing is one of my favorite parts of babydom.

7 Jillian { 04.18.09 at 5:18 pm }

Christ, that girl (both kids!) is adorable.

Also, I OWN the Alice in Wonderland DVD. My sister got it for me maybe two or three years ago for my birthday. I LOVED that movie when I was little. Now when I watch it…well, I can barely watch it, it’s so horrible. *sigh*

**Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday. But never, ever jam today!**

8 Jill Tolbert { 04.18.09 at 6:53 pm }

You are the best mom EVER. Seriously. This is way cute, and a wonderful thing you are doing for you children.

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