312 miles with two kids, abridged version

Mile 10: The Trip Begins

“Mom, are we in Georgia yet?”

(30 seconds later)

“How about now?”

(5 seconds)


(1 second)

“Now? Now? Now? Now? Now? Nownownownownow?”

Mile 30: Rosie Goes Down for the Count


Mile 100: Hilarity Ensues

“Mom, I see a tornado! APRIL FOOL’S!  Mom, I see a robot! APRIL FOOL’S!  Mom, I see a dinosaur! APRIL FOOL’S!  Mom, I see a family of giants! APRIL FOOL’S!!……”

Mile 101:  I Stop For Caffeine

Halfway home

Mile 190: Life’s Mysteries Explained

“Mom, I think I know how they made oceans.  Want me to tell you?  First they had to use machines to dig the holes really really REALLY big and then they used some very big things to make the holes bigger and then lots of guys brought the water and they had to use humongous trucks and then they poured the water in on the side and filled it up and then it went all the way to all the places and it was a LOT of water and that is how it is an ocean.  That is how they did it.”


“I’m just jokin’ Mom, God made the oceans.”

Mile 220: Rosie Begins To Fuss And Noah Offers Her A Rock As Consolation:

(Note to people who will surely freak out about this: I was a totally safe driver while filming – camera was positioned while we were stopped and I had only to push a button in the same place as AC or radio controls are.)

Have a rock from racher on Vimeo.

Mile 299: I Give Noah the Camera So That He May Entertain Himself Noahcamera7Noahcamera1Noahcamera2Noahcamera6


Who needs portable DVD players from racher on Vimeo.


1 Amanda { 04.13.09 at 9:13 am }

Awesome – love the home video made by Noah. :) And the Guster in the background – way to raise those kids right!

2 ginny { 04.13.09 at 3:23 pm }

In the V for Victory picture, in the rear-view mirror we can see Noah taking the picture. Very cool. And you got home safely! All three, plus at least one rock.

3 Carol { 04.13.09 at 6:19 pm }

Noah is a budding film maker– it took him a few seconds, but he positioned the camera just right when he decided to take a picture of himself. Love the smile!

4 Shayleen { 04.15.09 at 11:43 am }

I just made a 450+ mile trip with my 2 little ones last week to visit my parents in Mississippi. We drove right through Atlanta on I-20. I saw signs for Decatur and thought of you? Do you live off of I-20?

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