A conversation on the grass

Ro No Convo 1

Noah: Hey Ro, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you about.

Rosie: Hang on, I’m having a moment with The Hand.

Ro No Convo 2

Rosie: Dude, hands blow my MIND.  Anyway, what’s on your mind Big Bro?

Ro No Convo 5

Noah:  Well, you know how you were just born and everything and how now you’re my little sister and I’m your big brother?

Rosie: Yeah?

Ro No Convo 4

Noah: (whispering) Well, that’s how it’s gonna be.  For always.  Did you know that?

Ro No Convo 3

Rosie: For always?  You’ll be my Big Bro for always?

Ro No Convo 7

Noah:  Yep.  You’ve got me and I’ve got you. Always and forever.  To infinity.  Now look at the camera – She’s taking our picture. AGAIN.

Rosie: What’s a camera?

March 31, 2009   2 Comments