Now my tombstone can read: SHE RAN ALL THE WAY

Here it is, the highly awaited Oscar-buzzed film of 2009.  I really do love to milk a good accomplishment. And you’ll notice here that “good accomplishment” means “finishing the race on par with half an elementary school and a small yappy dog.”


I would also like to remind everyone that this is a big deal to me not just because I’ve never run this far ever, but also because five months ago, I looked like this.  That girl deserves a music video, am I right?

Note: You may also notice some shots of Noah “warming up” for and running his own personal race, the Tot Trot. Though not captured, it should be reported that halfway across the field he bit the dirt. Hard.  We held our breath, hands to our mouths braced for the devastation, but that kid stood right back up and crossed the finish line at full speed.  Later he said, “I fell down.  But I was one of the fastest ones!” That moment? Almost better than all the rest of the race day combined.

The Big Race from racher on Vimeo.

March 23, 2009   20 Comments