The less sleep I get, the more random this becomes

Dudes, I need the following questions answered, STAT:

1.  If we are in trouble and need help, how do we call Batman? (Note: yes, we KNOW the commissioner uses a Bat signal.  However, information needed is: how do we joe schmoes call him since we do not have a giant bat-shaped million-watt spotlight in our backyard?)

2.  Where does Batman live? (Again, note: “Gotham City” does not suffice, need to know “Where is Gotham City?”)

If you could get back to me on these, L will stop being so exasperated with me for always answering, “Daddy will tell you when he gets home.”


Right, so I wrote a whole post about this already, but SERIOUSLY THE SLEEPING THING WHAT GIVES.  I am this very minute listening to Rosie do her little squinch and rustle for the eighth or maybe ninth time since we put her down at 7.  I know I always make fun of The Secret, but whatever: THIS BABY WILL SLEEP.  I AM PUTTING IT OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE.  P.S. UNIVERSE ALSO MAYBE I WILL COME INTO LOTS OF MONEY.


Do you perhaps watch Mad Men?  If so, please enjoy this stinky penguin butt.


1 David { 02.06.09 at 6:20 am }

#2: Technically, it may very well be New York City since “Gotham” was a nickname given to the city by Washington Irving in 1807. Too early in the morning for a history lesson, I know. 😉

2 Mandy { 02.06.09 at 8:22 pm }

I think lights on timers are the secret to all parenting dilemmas. I don’t have any idea what this has to do with the Bat Signal, but I’m willing to put it out there.

We used to have to gallop up the longest, steepest flight of stairs in existence at first gritch to lay a warm hand on J’s chest when he was an infant. He wasn’t into self-soothing (read: pacifiers), so all that worked was parental contact. It was awesome. And by awesome, I mean NIGHTMARISHLY TEDIOUS.

(See also: lights on timers.)

3 Gramps { 02.07.09 at 11:42 am }

So maybe you could suggest that Batman just “knows” when we need him, and the Bat signal is just for an “official” summons?

4 Andy { 02.07.09 at 9:30 pm }

I think Gotham City is based off Chicago and the dark crime/mobster period in the 30s.
I like Gramps answer on bat signal. Pretty good.
Another is to tell him that police have ways of finding out about crime, they patrol and see stuff, and radio it in or people call in. Anyway, when there is really bad bad stuff that the police can’t handle they put on the Bat signal to get extra help.

5 Sara P { 02.08.09 at 12:29 am }

Or you just build your own big bat signal! (Note – my future children will perhaps live in too many imaginary worlds) Would probably have to revert to Gramps answer though when Batman never appears in said backyard – but could be a fun craft project :)

I’m also confused about Gotham – I thought it was supposed to be NYC, but then the most recent movie (Dark Knight) was filmed in Chicago – tricky tricky!

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