Falling off the wagon with a big OOOMPH

Last Wednesday I finished up my Hip Hop Abs routine, gave myself a high five for looking like a jackass only about 40% of the workout (down 60% from the first couple of times!) and hit the shower with a feeling of accomplishment.

And then I sat on my duff for four straight days.

Ok, so I wasn’t sitting on my duff, per SE, more like doing all the things I mentioned in Thursday’s post. Including making this cake:



And all that blue icing is cream cheese icing.  So in addition to being the Most Awesome Cake A Mom Ever Made Of All Time, it was also tasty!  I try not to think too hard about what it means that I routinely burn rice and threaten to kill my family with trichinosis on pork chop night, and yet I make cakes that are well, some damn fine lookin’ cakes.  It clearly has to do with some sort of chemical imbalance in my brain.

AnyHOO, I was really digging the groove I was getting in re: moving my body, and not doing it for even two days in a row made me feel pretty blah.  I see that as a sign of progress though, missing my workouts when I’m missing my workouts.  I said it from the beginning, and I can see that it’s true: doing the 30 Day Shred gives me a sense of counting down to fitness, and when I don’t do it for five days, that’s five days longer until the 30 days is achieved.  It’s a good motivator for me.

I am happy to report however that I started this post last night, and as of this morning Jillian has once again raised my heart rate with her glowering strong-eyebrowed stare.  So back on the wagon I jump.

I just wish there weren’t so much damn CAKE in this house.


1 David { 01.19.09 at 1:34 pm }

I would be glad to help rid you of the cake burden if needed!

2 Darth { 01.19.09 at 5:33 pm }

I think it’s written in the Rulebook that you get a diet exemption every time one of your kids has a b’day.

3 Elizabeth { 01.19.09 at 8:52 pm }

That’s a great looking cake!

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