One of these weeks, you’re going to look over to that little side bar calendar and ALL FIVE of the weekdays will be shining back at you in full blue array.  Unfortunately it will not be this week.  My trusty Apple laptop is away for some much needed servicing, and this means that LG’s mealtimes no longer serve as my one-handed finger pecked writing sessions.  This is to my chagrin, but I’m pretty sure LG is elated to have a break from all the jostling and accidental detaching while I balance the computer precariously on my legs and pound away at the keys during her lunch.  Sometimes I swear she looks up at me as if to say “God, can’t a girl get a decent MEAL in this place?”

The laptop being gone also means I am without access to my photos, and photos are my number one copout saves for No Time To Post days.  So instead you get a gray date, like yesterday.

I’ve also gone back to work now, so the sliver of time I had to myself (and by “by myself” I mean “with only one kid”) has been shaved ridiculously thin and I’m having to be very stern with myself about going to bed at a reasonable hour instead of finally getting to surf the web mindlessly or read a book (like Twilight, which is like the crack cocaine of books.  I mean, I read it in the dead of night with a tiny vision-ruining book light to get a fix.  And maybe also one time in the car at a red light.) late into the night.

LIKE RIGHT NOW OMG.  Young Lady, you get your ass in bed THIS INSTANT.  Don’t make me say it twice, or there will be CONSEQUENCES.

To bed!……………….




1 David { 01.08.09 at 9:27 am }

I’m the only one who has yet to read the book or see the movie. Don’t tell anyone.

2 Morgan { 01.08.09 at 3:56 pm }

I resisted the books for a long time but then I couldn’t follow the conversations of my youth any longer so I broke down this fall and read all 4 in about a day. I wasn’t obsessed at all- I promise. And I am pretty sure I read some at a red light too.

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