Everything you see on YouTube is true

Saturday night just before bed, Lorso started sniffling and shuffling around the house on my heels in a general state of malcontent.  Sunday morning he felt no better, and I was set to go on a road trip with LG to South Carolina to visit friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, so I felt a little anxious as I packed up the car to the sounds of his snorfling and occasional moaning.  I pondered staying. But the friends I was going to see were ones I hadn’t seen in ages – one was here on a rare visit from the West Coast, and one had a baby a month before LG was born as well as an older child I’d never even met, so I really wanted to make the trip.  Also, there may have been outlet malls along the way.

So I drove away feeling slightly guilty about my fun girls trip (me and my girl, out in the world!) and called to check on him at various points in the trip.

The next morning as I prepared to meet my girlfriends, I called for the update and discovered that Lorso had called in sick to work and was laying on the couch.  “I made a doctor’s appointment.  I’m just feeling so bad, you know?”  It sounded more serious than I’d thought.

To be fair, Lorso does not get sick often.  He generally falls under the “As a Horse” health category.  So I thought it must be something horrible – a sinus infection? The flu? Man mastitis? Ebola virus? The possibilities were staggering.

After a too-short session of I’m So Glad to See Yous and Look At Your Sweet Babies and OMG Did You Hear About So-and-sos with my friends, I packed LG back into the car and headed home. I rang Lorso up, eager to hear what the experts had to say.

Through the sounds of SNIFF and SNORF and SNUFFLE I received the report of the diagnosis.

It was A MAN COLD.

Poor little bunny.

(P.S. I really do hope you feel better soon.)


1 Dorothy { 01.06.09 at 11:58 am }

i cannot stop laughing – I am SO showing this to Russ. It’s amazing that when I get sick I still take care of my girl and go to work, but when he gets sick he naps on the couch moaning for two days wanted all the sympathy the world can muster. And I have to go to the grocery store at 10:00 (way past my bedtime these days) to buy him gingerale and saltines just to shut him up.

2 gossamer { 01.07.09 at 1:05 am }

#1 i’m excited I made the blog. Was hoping for a cool nickname like, I dunno, Lorso, LG,GM,or something,but that’s okay. Maybe next time.
Hope the bunny cold is clearing up. I meant to tell you the other day that my mom used to make fun of my dad when he was sick because he was so melodramatic and pitiful.
loved seeing you and as always,too short.
we need a date to see elf together. let me know your schedule! :)

3 ginnymom { 01.07.09 at 6:46 pm }

waiting for christmas pictures to show up. I know you have wonderful images to share with us all.

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