Hams, jams

I’m going to go ahead and grant myself a big ol’ Mulligan toward Operation DeFlabbify for the last week(-ish) because, I mean, holy hell have you TASTED these delicious creations called Muddy Buddies?  Chex + peanut butter + chocolate + powdered sugar = NOM TO THE NOMTH POWER.  And let’s not forget the ham slabs and mounds of stocking candy and buttery yeast rolls and sour cream mashed potatoes and apple pie a la mode and did I mention the big fat slabs of ham?  Mmmmm haaaaammmmm….


I would like to say however that I have exercised four times in the last 10 days and while I’m not going to be winning any Ms. Olympia contests with that regimen, I do feel like it is a eensy personal triumph for the holiday season, no?  The exercise was exclusively walking, including one particularly cardiotastic session with lots of thigh and lung busting hills near my parent’s house in the Appalachians.  Because we were with family there were lots of built in babysitters, so Lorso and I actually got to walk together for that last huff-a-thon.  However, before the holiday family time I was doing the walking on my own when Lorso got home from work or on the weekend and my companion for those walks was that fabulous workout booster, the iPod.

They say that opposites attract and I’ve always thought that sure, that might be true a little bit I guess, but now I realize that Lorso and I were drawn towards each other and destined to spend eternity together because of our tastes in music.  As in THEY ARE POLAR OPPOSITES.  This should have been apparent during The Great Stuff Merger that every couple that moves in together experiences: of all the CDs we both owned, only one was duplicated between us.  ONE.  I find that fairly mind-boggling.

When we purchased our first iPod it became Lorso’s, mainly because he ran on a regular basis and actually took the time to download songs onto it.  So he filled up the playlists with Pink Floyd and Boards of Canada and Radiohead and other rifty seizure-inducing melancholy tunes that make me want to reach into my eardrum with an auger and bore a hole into my tympanic membrane. And now that I am trying to break a sweat on some sort of regular basis and needing some musical encouragement, I am stuck with my left arm permanently crossed over my chest hitting “Skip” on the device strapped to my right arm for the duration of my walk until I finally reach the one White Stripes song that I can halfway jam to.

This is where you come in.

We actually have a new iPod, one that I bought as a surprise for Lorso some time ago.  This means that the old iPod, with all its free MBs is mine for the loading.  And I need some blood pumping, rockin’ out tunes to get my feet moving to.

So I want to know:  What songs make you feel good?  What do you find yourself jamming out to in the car or at the gym or (shudder) on your 10-mile runs? I’d like to fill my iPod with some booty shakin’, sweat inducing JAMZ.  I’m talking the kind of songs that make you want to kick ass and take names.  Those kinds of songs.  Lay the tune suggestions on me, Internets!

In the meantime, I’ll just be over here having one last slab of ham.


1 David { 12.29.08 at 8:24 am }

I too shudder at the thought of 10-mile runs, which seems unfathomable to me! Congrats on the iPod…I have an LG Chocolate phone and that serves as my MP3 player.

You may already be well-acquainted with it, but the new Coldplay song “Glass Of Water” really gets the blood flowing!

2 alianora { 12.29.08 at 9:32 am }

I am a fan of the “bad 80’s music” variety, and I can email you some, should you wish it.

..of course, there is also a bizarre amount of japanese pop music on my mp3 player, so take all of my music advice with salt and lime.

3 Trenches of Mommyhood { 12.29.08 at 9:35 am }

Footloose! It has the best tempo for running. Swear.

And that Chex mix? We use Crispix cereal instead. My boyz call that concoction “puppy chow.” Nom nom.

4 Gramps { 12.29.08 at 10:26 am }

How about the Allman Brothers’ “One Way Out?”

5 Rachel W { 12.29.08 at 12:44 pm }

It’s kinda a crazy mix, but what I’m loving working out to right now is The Fray, Jason Mraz, A New Found Glory, and especially right now I can’t stop listening to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.
Puppy Chow is wonderful but so addicting! :)

6 Leigh Ann { 12.29.08 at 12:57 pm }

we’re getting an ipod today! lately i’ve been jammin to pink’s so what.

7 racher { 12.29.08 at 8:27 pm }

Oooh, yes. PINK.

Great suggestions – anyone else have any more?

8 Meredith { 12.30.08 at 9:34 am }

Mary-Chapin Carpenter/I Take My Chances and Walking Through Fire. I always listened to these over and over on my way to take law school exams, to great blood-pumping effect. (They come right next to each other on the CD.) (CD’s are things that my iPod-free household uses to listen to music. I understand they were once widespread.)

The fact that the music I suggest for workout is exam music almost exactly indicates my general level of fitness.

9 Becca { 12.30.08 at 11:36 am }

Not that I’ve been doing a ton of running lately, but my recent favorite to get me out the door is “Human” by The Killers.

10 Dorothy { 12.30.08 at 12:45 pm }

omg – russ and I have the same problem – he ONLY listens to 70s and 80s rock ALL THE TIME. My favorite playlist is entitled “soundtrack to my teenage years” it’s a crazy variety – but it reminds me of a skinner time and that’s motivating.

I also love some Pink and Beyonce. I am on a angry chick kick at the moment…

11 Jill Tolbert { 12.31.08 at 1:31 pm }

Amy Ray’s solo CD Prom is great for walking / jogging. I have it and would be happy to share. :-)

12 Deb { 01.01.09 at 12:58 pm }

Get up offa that thing/dancing in the street (sister act 2)
Let’s get Loud (JLo)
Black Betty (Ram Jam)
Mercy (Duffy)
shake it (mercy)
Everybody dance now (c & c music factory)
Pump it up
369 (Cupid)
Let’s get it started (black eyed peas)

I am super proud of you for starting to work out!!! I just started a boot camp class at the beginning of December and it’s been hard but good. I had weight loss goals (which were totally unrealistic)–my advice would be to plan on about 2 pounds a week….I’d also recommend you take all your measurements b/c the inch loss has been much more profound than the poundage…so you might have better incentive to keep going if you can see those results….

also, I went on a diet that isn’t a starve yourself of everything one, and if you want any of those tips, let me know!

Rock on Rach!

13 Kate { 01.04.09 at 8:03 pm }

I’m a little late ’cause I just read this post…here are my current faves:

Aint no Mountain High Enough
Ready to Run (Dixie Chicks)
Goodbye Earl, ibid.
Lubbock or Leave it, ibid.
I will Survive (gets me up hills like nothing else can)
Pendulum Swinger (this song has an unusual hold on me–I fantasize that since i run in Emily’s neighborhood, one day I’ll run by her while she’s walking her dog and i’ll stop and show her i’m listening to her song and tell her how much it means to me and how much she means to me and we’ll become best friends…but i digress)

Many the Miles and I’m not gonna write you a love song (Sara Bareilles)
Beyonce and N’Sync
And if you need to get your Jesus on…Oh Happy Day (Whitney Houston has a really peppy version) and JOyful Joyful from Sister Act II

Good luck to you!

14 Deb { 01.05.09 at 11:36 am }

I’d also add “so what” by Pink

15 racher { 01.05.09 at 9:16 pm }

Thanks, peeps! I am going to start working on a playlist…
P.S. I totally did a dance routine to “Everybody Dance Now” in the seventh grade. It was awesome in every possible way.

16 Jihyun { 01.07.09 at 8:16 pm }

So, I’m totally late in commenting, but here are songs that are in my On-the-Go playlist:

Mai Ai Hee (Dragostea Din Tei) – o-zone
I Will Learn to Love Again (Remix) – Kaci
Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It – Will Smith
Love Don’t Live Here – Lady Antebellum
Feels Like Tonight – Daughtry
Breathless – The Corrs
New Shoes – Paolo Nutini
Shake Ya Tailfeather – Murphy Lee

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