Airplanes attempt landings here

In Bug’s room there now lives a small strand of Christmas lights, left over from our tree decorations.  He calls them his Christmas Nightlight, though they’re more akin to the lights on an airport runway.

Last year was the first year Bug really “got” Christmas.  We talked about what the holiday meant for us for the first time.  The name “Santa” was introduced into his vocabulary. We stayed at our own house for Christmas morning and got up at the crack of dawn to watch him pull out each item of his stocking, breathless and wide-eyed.

This year, he is a veteran Christmas-er.  He knows the drill, points out Barnum and Bailey animal crackers every time we see them (remembering that they were in his stocking last year) and presses his ear to each gift with his name on it under the tree.  He gleefully peels back the new Advent door each morning at breakfast, unable to leave it a mystery for even one second of the new day.  Seconds later he’s in my pitch dark bedroom, thrusting the book into my face and hissing in a loud stage whisper, “MOM! DO YOU KNOW WHAT SIXTEEN IS?  IT’S A MAN ON A CAMEL!”  He’s learning Christmas carols.

He’s also more hip to the fact that he will Get Stuff for Christmas, and him Getting Stuff is the part of Christmas that I simultaneously love and dread at the same time. I dread the consumerism of it all – the stores with wailing children who are being dragged around by harried parents and the constant worry about having enough money to pay for what we want to give people kind of sour it for me.  BUT.  I love to give this kid presents.  You could give him a 25 cent plastic ring shaped like a spider, and he would react just as gleefully as he would if you got him a real live pony that pooped candy canes.  Just the other day he received a car as a gift that (SHOCKER) he actually already owned, and he opened it, took a look at it, ran and got the identical car from his room and held both of them up triumphantly, yelling, “TWINS!”

That’s the kind of kid you want to have Christmas morning with.

And not surprisingly, he’s only had two gift requests this year: 1. a watch and 2. a toothbrush.  Because he is actually from the 1950s. But I’ll bet that even though his wish list is short and simple, on Christmas morning when he rips off that paper to see his new blue digital watch (it can go underwater!) and his battery operated rotating toothbrush (it’s orange!) the excitement on his face will be bright enough to be measured in kilowatts.

Just like runway lights.

Christmas slumber


1 Rebekah { 12.18.08 at 9:19 pm }

what a great kid!

2 Jill Tolbert { 12.19.08 at 5:21 pm }

I have often thought about picking up a watch for him ever since he was so fascinated with Michael’s a few months ago. I’m so glad I didn’t because it is a great Christmas gift for him! He will, indeed, love it. :-)

3 gossamer { 12.21.08 at 8:30 pm }

so, i just want to give kudos! your son wants a toothbrush – an early sign of brilliance! And you choose to post this on our anniversary. I am touched! I hope the little guy has a great Christmas!

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