Baby remember my name

I am like a Christmas shopping MACHINE this year.  It was great timing on my ovaries’ part to leave me with a highly portable and often sleeping baby during the holiday season.  LG’s seen every Target within a 10 mile radius of our house.  And now that I’m done I get to kick back in the comfort of my own home and wrap in peace while the rest of the world sits in parking lots, blinkers on, waiting for that old couple with the 13 bags to leave their damn space already.


This year for my birthday I received a six month subscription to Blockbuster Access from my sister.  I was STOKED.  I filled my queue right up and made my way through some movies I’d been meaning to see (Definitely, Maybe; Smart People; Sex and the City) and then moved right on to my favorite genre: episodic TV.  I started with Nip/Tuck, which I had never seen before, but quickly decided that a show where the least disturbing scenes were the ones involving bloody surgeries was not the show for me. Next I moved on to Mad Men (review here, summary: LOVE). Then the other day I opened my mailbox only to find my childhood dreams in a blue and yellow envelope: Fame: The Complete First Season.  I used to slackjaw drool over that show.  A high school for the performing arts in NYC?  Yes please!  Impromptu dancing in the hall! String quartets in the stairwells! Rock bands in the cafeteria!  I wanted to go to that high school in a bad way.  Sadly, the small high school I attended in rural SWVA did not quite fulfill that fantasy.  However, I hold out hope for my retirement community: Nursing Home for the Performing Farts!


Operation DeFlabbify: UPDATE

I feel like I am eating marginally better than I have been for the last 4 or 5 (or 9 or 10) months.  Emphasis on marginally.  But I’m not as focused on that because really my main goal is to MOVE MY BODY some each week, and not just from the couch to the bed to reinsert LG’s pacifier 748 times.  I need continuous, cardiovascular movement so that I can start feeling my blood actually pumping again instead of sludging and sloshing around my vessels like molasses.

Right after I wrote that post about wanting to be in better shape, one of my favorite bloggers announced that she and some other women had started a new blog about THAT VERY THING.  I’m often amazed at how easy it is to control the universe from my computer. Anyway, I read it daily and am inspired and motivated by the stories and tips, and if you’re looking to do what I’m looking to do, I highly recommend it.  I also recommend her blog because she is quite possibly the funniest blogger on the internet. Srsly.

Anyway. My goal for this week is to MOVE MY BODY (on purpose and not in response to sounds of vomit landing on the new couch) TWICE.  That doesn’t seem like much, but I’m intentionally starting small.  Like I said, baby steps. Newborn baby steps. Preemie steps.

You have to start somewhere to get to the IronMan!



1 Gramps { 12.16.08 at 11:13 am }

“Remember, remember, remember…”

2 candace { 12.16.08 at 1:59 pm }

I used to obsess over Fame too!!! And then, while studying abroad in college I discovered that one of my friends had gone to the real life performing arts high school in NYC that Fame is based on. Jealousy abounded.

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