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Yestertime has been getting the big ol’ shaft lately because I have been tirelessly working on a top secret Christmas project for several UNDISCLOSED RECIPIENTS.  I’m pretty stoked about it, even though it made me stay up past midnight three nights in a row and use words that would make Margaret Cho blush.

So all my two hands free time was spent on that, and I had to let go of the long held perception I have that I AM A MACHINE.  Something had to give, and it was the blog.

Also, there was the mastitis.  For those of you who haven’t had it or heard of it, it’s kind of like the Flu Virus Version 2.0: all the perks of the original plus painfully sore boobs!  It’s great!

All day last Thursday I kept feeling kind of achy and just generally crummy, but I just chalked it up to Life With a Weensy One.  As dinner time approached though, I started to feel chills-y and feverish and finally had to go lie down and let Lorso finish the supper schlep.  I slept for about 15 minutes – just long enough for LG to digest the last vestiges of her previous meal and start to demand that the tank be filled back up PRETTY PLEASE.  Feeling ill is a miserable state, and when you have a baby that you are responsible for all hours of the day you can’t quite get the continuous rest you need for bouncing back quickly, so things start to seem pretty grim once that thermometer creeps past 100.  My temperature reached about 101 and I felt like our house had been relocated to Antarctica, even though I’m pretty sure Lorso had on short sleeves and Bug was stark naked for bath time and seemed nonplussed about the frigidity I seemed to have in my very bones.  So I added a sweatshirt on top of my two long sleeved shirts.  And then I got under an electric blanket.  And then I turned the space heater on high.  Still – I quivered like a leaf.

Finally I fell asleep, and about 2 hours later I woke up in a haze thinking, “Mffpht…feel toasty…and sticky.  Am I having that dream where I bathe in a vat of warm syrup again?”  Then as I regained my full consciousness my thoughts quickly became “OMG. AM A FRAJILLION DEGREES. INTERNAL ORGAN MELTDOWN.”  I may have lost a couple of pounds in sweat.  Always the optimist, I thought, “Heck yeah! Kicking off Operation DeFlabbify with a BANG!”

Everyone I’ve ever talked to about mastitis pretty much universally said that they thought they were going to die when they had it, they felt that sick. So I felt a little like I drew the Get Out of Jail Free card when I was back to normal by Friday night.  Maybe I had the mildest case of mastitis ever in recorded history, or maybe I just had a touch of the 24-hour flu and need to adjust the underwire on my nursing bras. Whatever the explanation, I am grateful that I never reached the “Wishing For Death” stage of mastitis.  Thank you Boob Gods.

And now I can get back to this blather!  Aren’t you glad.  Coming up soon I will have a little video for you all about our life with LG so far.  Set to music!  Because I am that fancy!  Also, I cannot resist the opportunity to put an actual soundtrack to my life, since I am often playing one in my head.  There is usually an orchestra involved, because my life is clearly a sweeping epic, a la The Thorn Birds.

Bring on the violins!

Also, life has been a lot like this for me.  It’s uncanny how parallel my experiences have been to Rebecca’s.  I’m having a hard time not linking to her blog every day and just saying “Ditto”.  Except maybe for the extreme high on life happiness all the time.  I’m hovering more around the 85% of the time mark.


1 Leigh Ann { 12.10.08 at 1:22 pm }

just thinking about mastitis made me feel ill. worst i have EVER felt! glad you didn’t get that bad.

2 candace { 12.10.08 at 2:10 pm }

with scientific curiosity I looked up mastitis and OMG that looks like HORRIBLE PAIN. glad you’re feeling better!

3 Dorothy { 12.10.08 at 3:05 pm }

geez – glad you’re better. the last few days have just been incomplete without some yestertime.

and i wanted to comment on the blah blah blog: one of my favorite pictures from the beach was piglet holding your hand making her poop face – the only time i caught it on film – hilarious, it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

4 Elizabeth { 12.10.08 at 6:52 pm }

So, I thought you were making up the name mastitis as a play on the words…well, you know. And then I googled it and found horrible, painful looking pictures of what it is. YIKES. I’m glad you’re better now!

5 Allen G { 12.11.08 at 2:54 pm }

Well now I’ve GOT to google it….

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