No mention of the B-A-B-Y

I love the show Mad Men.  I can’t even explain why, except to say that there is something about those men with their cigarettes and liquor and greasy combed back hair that just does it for me.  It’s the kind of show that is great for a look back at the Way Things Used to Be, which sometimes produces a chuckle, and sometimes makes me go MY GOD we used to suck, didn’t we?  And by “we” I mean “male chauvinist pigs.”

Also: the women and those outfits!  They wear heels and pearls to cook dinner!  Lipstick and hose to the grocery store!  And: girdles! I can barely pull on a pair of jeans these days while I’m schlepping the laundry around and shoving toys under the couch.  Yesterday I wore my pajamas under a sweatshirt the whole day and then just took the sweatshirt off for bed time.  What?  Isn’t that what the feminist movement was all about?


My wardrobe has significantly expanded as my shape has deflated. (FYI, “deflating” is WAY different than “slimming down”) I’m realizing now how limited my options were in the last month of my pregnancy, especially when the weather cooled off and I had exactly one pair of pants and one sweater that would cover my swelled self.  My mind is boggled in the morning when I go to get dressed.  So many options! (Read: probably 5 or 6 shirts now as opposed to 1) Although I will say that while most all of me has deflated, there is definitely one part of my body that has been fruitful and multiplied, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. And while you might think this would make me look all voluptuous and come hither, what it really does is prevent the bottom of my shirt from reaching the top of my pants.  This creates a little showcase of the part of my body I would most like to hide right now, as it looks kind of like pummeled bread dough.


Maybe you’ve heard of a little band called Ben Folds.  Maybe you haven’t.  Maybe you’ve heard of my brother.  Maybe you haven’t.  BUT.  I will rectify both those situations POST HASTE:

Ben Folds is having a contest for college a cappella groups in which they invite them to submit one of their songs in a cappella form, and if BF likes it the best, they’ll get to record it on an album.  With Ben Folds.  Like you do.  So my brother arranged this little ditty for his a cappella group:

Anyway, you can try to find a better version of “Gone” by an a cappella group on YouTube, but it’s not there. DO YOU HEAR THAT BEN FOLDS?

(I’m pretty sure they totally read my blog.)


1 Rev. Mama { 11.19.08 at 4:44 pm }

I’m inexplicably weepy at the sight and sound of this amazing group. Kudos, Yestertimebrother. Kudos. I heart Ben Folds, and think he would be totally foolish not to choose you.

2 Gossamer { 11.19.08 at 8:13 pm }

BF is TOTALLY reading your blog now! And so are “his” parents!
Go Joseph and crew! ps I LOVE watching white people dance!

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