Eyeballs: A Short Film

It’s true that LG is a World Class Champ sleeper.  (Except for AHEM, last night from 8-11:30 when she alternated between screaming and camping out at the boob.) However, she does actually open her eyes from time to time to check out her crazy family.  This is exciting times for Bug, who helps ensure her awakeness by yelling BABY LG’S EYES MOM!  I CAN SEE HER EYES! about 2 inches from her face.

Anyhoo, as you can see here, two things are evident: Bug loves his sister, and the GIANT PASSY OF DOOM is no match for the mighty LG.

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1 Anjie { 11.18.08 at 11:55 am }

oh my gosh. so cute. that’s all i can say.

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