She will come

Right around this time of year in the South, each day over 75 degrees starts to feel like an insult.  Summer seems to drag on forever with its humidity and sweat and mosquitoes.  Stoops are pumpkined and football games are tailgated and yet the leaves stay green on their branches and the air conditioning churns on in our houses.

For billions of years the seasons have changed.  The leaves have fallen, the air has cooled, the temperatures have dropped.  But there always seems to be a point during that last drag of the Indian summer when it feels like the next season is forever out of our reach.  We watch the weather incessantly, ready for any sign that relief is on its way. All conversation turns to the weather.  We wonder if it will ever end. Begrudgingly we continue to pull out our short sleeves, all the while itching to break out our sweaters and jackets.  Days of waiting turn into a week and one week turns into two.  We give up.  We resign ourselves to be hot forever.

And then one day, it comes. Inevitably, blissfully, reliably, Autumn comes.

Autumn always comes.

Leaf on fire


1 David { 10.23.08 at 7:03 pm }

Great colors!

2 RedRev { 10.24.08 at 10:42 am }

I am in the sweater today–good outfit to pray for a friend’s waiting to end. Have you tried eating BAGELS and CREAM CHEESE? They always help me come out of the closet.

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