Somewhere between due and overdue

I don’t have much of substance to write any more besides one paragraph filled with bitchery and one filled with crotchety-type sentences of woe.  Ready?  Ok!

1. People are trying to say positive things to me these days to make me feel better.  Things like, “From the back, you don’t even look pregnant!”  That’s really nice, and might feel like a great compliment except that I want to look not pregnant not because I carry this baby in my uterus well but because I’m ACTUALLY NOT PREGNANT.

2. Officially, on my chart, my due date is Friday.  At twenty weeks gestation they verbally adjusted it to yesterday.  So I am either one day late or two days from being due.  It doesn’t really matter – it’s all kind of like living out a real live version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers wrapped inside the Twilight Zone.  I live a tenuous balance of maintaining a hyper-aware vigil over every twinge and ache of my body and trying my best to relax and forget my physical state.  It’s SO TOTALLY FUN. In a completely heinous, terrible, draining, not fun kind of way.

The End.


1 Anjie { 10.22.08 at 10:28 pm }

Come ON baby! It’s time to arrive!

2 Leeann { 10.23.08 at 7:23 am }

I can so remember the torture of waitingwaitingwaiting. Of walking the aisles of Target aimlessly for HOURS. Hang in there. On the bright side YOU DON’T EVEN LOOK PREGNANT FROM BEHIND!

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