Attempt at positivity: FAIL

On my way to drop Bug off at school today, I looked up in the sky, and lo and behold there was an actual skywriting airplane in the sky above our heads.  A Skywriting! Airplane!  I’ve never seen that in real life.  But there it was over the city of Atlanta for my reading enjoyment.

And enjoy my reading I did, because although it had been written some time before I saw it and was kind of blurry at the beginning, I read the message “SMILE TODAY” up in the crystal clear blueness and thought, “Yes!  I WILL smile today.  This is a sign!  Obviously the baby is coming this very day! How much clearer can you get than SKYWRITING IN THE SKY ABOVE MY HEAD?”

So happy and excited was I in my certainty of this clear sign and portent of laborious things to come that I called Lorso from the car to report on my findings.

“You’ll never believe what I’m looking at! Words in the sky! From a plane! It’s totally cool.”

“Oh yeah, I think I saw that on my way to work this morning.  It is pretty cool.  Although seems like an pretty expensively fleeting way to advertise.”

“Yeah! And guess what, it’s – wait. Wha? Way to advertise?”

“Yeah.  I mean, seems like there are more lasting ways to get people to your store than using smoke in the sky to write SALE TODAY.”

So much for signs and portents.

On the bright side, some store somewhere in Atlanta or possibly the surrounding area is having a sale today on something!

So, you know.  AT LEAST THERE’S THAT.


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