Shark, jumped

Well that’s it.  Yestertime is done for. There are just not any other thoughts going through my head any more besides ZOMG PREGNANT SO PREGNANT GET BABY OUT NOW.  And there’s only so many posts you can write about that before jumping the proverbial blog shark, you know?

So in order to retain readership, I will now attempt, at 38 weeks, 1 day pregnant to blog about something other than being 38 weeks, 1 day pregnant.  That’s right.  WATCH AND BE AMAZED.

I am going to do something I sort of never thought I’d do, and that is participate in a meme.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

For those of you who don’t know what a meme is, you can read this site that explains it in detail.  Or I’ll just tell you: it’s a bunch of questions someone with a blog answers and then tags some other people with blogs and they answer the same questions and so on and so forth.  FASCINATING.

Anyhoo.  I was tagged for this meme by Adam, who writes a much more grown up and serious blog than I do. I choose to believe that he tagged me in this meme as a challenge, because the title of the meme is “6 Uninteresting Things About Me” and we all know how TOTALLY AND FABULOUSLY INTERESTING I am.  But like I said!  Desperate times!

Uh, so here we go.

1.  When I was in high school, any time I ordered a pizza over the phone I would do it in an Australian or English accent.

2.  Each of my ears are pierced twice, and even though I haven’t worn earrings in the second holes for years, they persist on as usable holes.  It makes me wonder if they coated the gun with sulfuric acid and melted the hole permanently into my ear.

3.  My favorite number is 2.  I don’t know why.

4.  I often pronounce words wrong.  Like for instance: yarmulke = yar-ma-luke and orange = arrrrrnge.
However, I do know how to say the word NUCLEAR.

5.  Also when I was in high school I wore colored contacts.  Blue ones.  On my blue eyes.  And now you are totally wishing you knew me in high school, am I right?



Apparently now I’m supposed to tag six bloggers to do this meme, but if I had been able to tell you SEVEN uninteresting things about myself, I would have included that I am a slacker and also sometimes a rule breaker.  So I am only tagging three:

Dorothy, Silver Spiral, Jill


1 That Girl in Brazil { 10.08.08 at 3:44 pm }

Hey – just found your site and I’m hooked. Consider yourself loved!

I ALSO wore blue contacts over blue eyes in high school … and still have a long-unused second hole in my ear. We must be soul friends.

And girl, I feel your pain for the 38 week thang … just whatever you do, don’t drink cod liver oil. Sex is much better.

2 Carrie Nalisnick { 10.08.08 at 7:59 pm }

we’re all waiting on this baby too…you’re going to blog on your way out the door to the hospital right?? :)

3 Abigirl { 10.08.08 at 8:08 pm }

You know – if Sarah Palin doesn’t have to answer the questions posed to her in a nationally televised vice-presidential debate, I’m pretty sure you can be a “maverick,” too, and make up your own rules (and besides, you’re way cooler than she is and you, at least, can pronounce “nuclear”). Can’t wait to read about LG’s arrival!

4 Jill { 10.08.08 at 8:09 pm }

Done. Thanks for the tag! It was actually kinda fun. :-)

5 Stephanie { 10.09.08 at 10:33 am }

Hi there. Since I was left out of your meme game (sad.) just wanted to make sure you got my email that I finally shared my blog! Thanks for your inspiration.

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