I am reduced to random ramblings

Lorso spent Saturday morning taking the LSAT.  Coincidentally, Bug spent Saturday morning repeating some nonsensical word I couldn’t understand.  He’d be in the bathroom, and I’d hear him: “Yoiler.” Then the toilet would flush.  Then, “Yoiler.” Then the water in the sink would go on and then off.  “Yoiler.” Then he’d come out and say “Mom.  Yoiler.”  Finally, ten maddening minutes later I figured it out: he was trying to say LAWYER.  I take that as a good omen for Lorso.  Not sure what it says about Bug.


I have been slowly and steadily making my way through a whole tube of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough.  At first I really craved it, and now it’s more about finishing it, just on principle. I’m no quitter!


This nice grocery store employee helped me wheel my bags to the car today.  He was probably 60 years old and was pushing my heavy food-laden cart across a bumpy parking lot.  And yet he had to pause for me to catch up to him. Twice. Next time I’m going to go and buy 15 bags of charcoal, just to give myself an advantage.


This little girl in my uterus has more hiccups than a fraternity house on Saturday night.  Also, the stretching ALWAYS WITH THE STRETCHING.  Here’s the thing, LG – there’s more room out here! You should come see what I’m talking about!  There’s oxygen for breathing!  And big brothers!  And leg room!  It’s totally awesome, swear.  It’s kind of like how people in Atlanta argue about the virtues of being ITP vs. OTP (inside the perimeter/outside the perimeter).  LG, FYI: ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE OTU.


1 Dorothy { 10.06.08 at 8:35 am }

HE DID IT?! He took the LSAT?! are there any plans or is this a wait and see sort of thing.

i love how these boys get fancy seminary degrees and say “I think I’ll take this to law/medical school and see what I can do” where’s the logic in that…darn that sense of call.

2 Anjie { 10.06.08 at 11:53 am }

yeah man! OTU! join us, lg…there’s lots of good stuff out here. and, don’t worry, when you get here you’ll be ITP, so you’ll be cool. no worries.

3 David { 10.06.08 at 6:06 pm }

Nice alliteration in the title!

4 Ginny { 10.06.08 at 8:20 pm }

very cool picture, looking up through the dome window. I like it.

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