Last Chance Jewels of the Day Vol. 3

In case you missed out, here’s Last Chance Jewels of the Day Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

The “Things That May Have Actually Come From My Childhood Home” Edition:

mall madness

“Hey girls! Don’t miss the big SALE!

Grab your cash and hit the mall! Get your shopping list ready and race from store to store. Quickly find the best deals and make your purchases. But remember, not every shopping trip goes smoothly. Sometimes an item you want is not in stock. Or you must go to the ATM for more cash. First shopper to make 6 purchases and get to the right destination wins!”

Who thought this was a fun game?  This description makes me think they should have called it “Going to the Grocery Store with a Three Year Old.”  Just replace “mall” with “Kroger” and “Sometimes an item you want is not in stock” with “Sometimes your kid goes apeshit in the cereal aisle.”  Awesome, DEAL ME IN.

2nd grade all over again

I really really wish I had my sister’s second grade picture on hand (and a scanner) because I seriously think she is wearing this exact sweater in it.


I not only had a Caboodle, I had the PEACH Caboodle.  It housed all things precious to me, like my silver glitter nail polish and peace sign earrings. OMG – I totally should have checked inside to see if it said “I totally love Jordan Knight!!!!” on the lid.  If it does, that junk is SO MINE.


1 sare { 10.07.08 at 8:13 pm }

mm, my sweater vest in the picture is purple not pink and had hearts on it not bears…..way cooler.

2 Sarah Burns { 11.23.08 at 4:30 pm }

Yes, I read your blog, even when it’s a month or so old…. ANYway, I went to a pajama party at Anderson U campus on Friday. They have Mall Madness in the lobby of the girls dorm complex. It’s odd that I’ve seen this game twice in two days now.

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