Gchat: The modern way for couples to communicate

me: hey just got an email from our neighbor – she said the guy across the street’s car was stolen on Saturday. From the driveway in the middle of the night.
lorso: Mrs. M mentioned the other day that a few years ago there was a spate of car robberies on our street
lorso: must’ve been a few years before we showed up, but still…
me: yeah, well i’ve decided that i’m against car robberies in general.
lorso: me too.
lorso: i think that’s why i’m backing obama.
me: i do think i remembering hearing palin was for car robberies.
me: bitch.
lorso: seriously.


me: we’re going to go to target and car wash after rest time. anything you need?
lorso: yep
lorso: will you get me some more shave gel?
me: wait, no WAY. that’s what I need
lorso: 😛
me: you know cash is short these days. just use my girl smelling one.
me: or would that unzip your man suit
lorso: that’s the problem
lorso: it would unzip my man suit
me: alRIGHT, geez.
me: prima donna.

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1 ginny { 09.19.08 at 9:29 pm }

I think I must be seeing some new furniture in Bug’s room.

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