Last Chance Jewels of the Day Vol. 2

I took a trip back to our favorite thrift store, which I will now be calling The Cheap Blogging Material Emporium.

First up – Boots of DEATH:

Team boots
I’m curious, what sport does one play in these, exactly? Perhaps this…

Pee wee
If that’s the Pee Wee shirt, I would NOT want to meet the regular sized team in a dark alley. GC & SU = Gonna Come & Stuff U

Worst Group Slogan on a T-Shirt Ever:

FogiesOld folks back
What are you supposed to say to that? “Thank God, because you people look one foot from the grave.”


Love gorilla
Actually, I’m pretty sure buying this for someone means you do NOT, in fact, love them.

Woman in White Jogging Suit Pretending to be Jesus Record:

Anywhere but here
Upper corner reads: “Where do you go when you dream?” That’s a great question, Anne. Not real sure, but fairly certain it does not in any way involve scary naked babies with wings clutching at my legs and staring at me with cold, vacant eyes.

Record I Kind Of Want To Buy Just to See WTH is On It:

I’m big on the pig
***UPDATE: OMG, I totally should have bought it.

And last but not least, the Last Chance Fakeout of the Day:

Totally thought this was a book about one Hillary…

Fakeout 1
But PSYCH! It was about another:

Fakeout 2

A mixup that’s pretty good for H. Clinton, pretty tragic for H. Duff. Sorry, Duff.

Until the next episode of LCJOTD, you stay thrifty, Yestertimers.


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