This is when my days working at the Pink Pony serve me well

We’ve started having the privacy discussion these days. It’s not going quite as well as I had hoped.

Bug’s idea of “privacy” means laying at my feet while I pee instead of draping himself over my lap while I pee. In other words, his idea of “privacy” is WACKED OUT. So I started to work on this issue with him by introducing a radical concept into his world. CLOSING THE BATHROOM DOOR.

This helped create two more feet between him and me at certain crucial times, but the whole entire time I was “washing my hands” (or “powdering my nose” – insert whatever euphemism you’ve ever heard your grandmother use here), he’d practically get a permanent dent in his nose from the position he maintained at the crack under the door. “Mom are you HAVING PRIVACY? Are you done yet? HOW ABOUT NOW? Mom can you see me? Can you see my fingers? Here’s my fastest car, Mom! See how fast it goes under the – oops! MOM! I HAVE TO GET MY CAR FROM THE BATHROOM! MOM! I HAVE TO COME IN REAL QUICK! MOM!”

Also, there is the whole debacle known as Taking a Shower.

As you well know, if you have read this blog ever, we do not have a bathtub. (P.S. Also, just in case you forgot, this is MUCH TO MY GREAT BIG CHAGRIN.) But not only do we not have a shower, we have a clear shower stall. And, our bathroom is very much visible through the windows of our living room. Therefore, if the bathroom door is say, thrown wide open during my shower, our front windows become akin to a nudie peep show movie screen. (A horrible, terrible, TWO THUMBS WAY DOWN say Ebert and Roper nudie peep show.) Not to mention the fact that inside the house I have a front row audience for my washing up time. And I have enough to deal with these days without having to respond to comments like “Hey what are you doing Mom? Shaving your legs? You haven’t done that in a REALLY LONG TIME!” from the three year old peanut gallery.

So I’m going to keep working away diligently at this until he learns good and well that “Mommy needs privacy” means “OPEN THIS DOOR UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH.”

Until then, you can purchase tickets to the Big Bare Bottom and Belly Show at the house across the street. Performances daily.


1 Leigh Ann { 09.10.08 at 7:00 pm }

been there, STILL doing that. yeah, i started this same privacy battle with sera after josh was born. after the 3rd or 4th question coming from my 3 year old about what i was doing in the bathroom (i’m talking post-partum bathroom trips, get my drift?) i decided THAT WAS ENOUGH! it took her a while to learn to knock and only come in when i said it was ok, and she still forgets from time to time, but things better.

btw, happy belated birthday! it sounds like you had a great day. you deserve it!

2 Rebekah { 09.11.08 at 9:22 am }

daily? are we really supposed to believe that after all we’ve read here?

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