I made out like a well groomed bandit

My original intent for today’s post was to post pictures of all the awesome/scrumptious/thoughtful things I received for my birthday, but then a small glitch happened: THE INTERNET RAN OUT OF SPACE FROM ALL MY UPLOADING.

Seriously I got so many incredible gifts: Facebook messages, phone texts, blog comments, cake, muffins, homemade cookies, homemade pottery, Blockbuster Access subscriptions, restaurant gift cards, oh, and a Big! Fat! Lime! Green! Chair! that now sits in my living room:

lime chair
(Thanks Mom and Dad!)

I really felt the love yesterday. I had a great girls night out, calls from friends, cards in the mail…and to top it all off, this:

orange/pink brush

One (1) hairbrush, lovingly and carefully picked out by Bug for me on my big day. I don’t know if you got the memo about this, but his former favorite colors, blue and silver, have been kicked to the curb, and ORANGE is all the rage these days. He has an orange bookbag for school, an orange toothbrush, favorite food is now Cheetos (who can blame him?), you get the drift. And so when he came upon this creation in the store, Lorso reports that he knew he had found IT, THE ONE. “Because,” Bug says, “it’s kind of pink. AND it’s kind of orange. So it’s BOTH our favorite colors.”

Who knew that such love could be blended together into eighty eight bristles of cheap plastic?

Thanks to everyone who made my thirtieth birthday a truly great day.


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1 Robert { 09.09.08 at 4:48 pm }

Um, so Bug is jonesing for some Cheetos?!?!?!? Maybe you need to rethink what kind of friends he is hanging out with…

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