Oh, I also have a kid. And a husband.

Things I am currently obsessed with, in no particular order:

  • Crossword puzzles. I can’t stop doing them. I think I’m counting on them to prevent my brain from atrophying like my poor ab muscles have clearly done already. Right now I am on puzzle #51 out of 75 in our NY Times crossword puzzle book. Puzzle #1 was moderately challenging, and as the puzzles progressed we passed the Hard stage, went straight to Crazy Hard and eventually reached the What’s Wrong With You, You Crazy Masochist stage. Tons of fun!
  • Great God Almighty, The Olympics. It’s like being on drugs. You think, I can quit any time! I’m just in it for the gymnastics, man. And then all of a sudden it’s one in the morning and you’re watching recounts of steeple chase and fencing and wondering where you could score some quality table tennis at this time of night. You watch the entire two and a half hours of the women’s marathon coverage. You see Bob Costas’ face in your sleep. You know the name of Michael Phelps’ bulldog. But it’s so totally not a problem man. I can quit cold turkey. On August 24.
  • Painting my house. I see this one as ok, because it actually requires me to get off the couch, unlike the previous two. First it was the living room, then the dining room, and now we’ve moved on to the bedroom. Which is where we will stop (I PROMISE, LORSO), because we will then be out of time. And money. And permission from landlords.
  • Emptying my bladder. This doesn’t really require explanation.
  • Eating food. I’m pretty sure that if you were required to record all your eating habits throughout your pregnancy and submit them to your doctor, I would receive mine back with a big red FAIL across the top. I am helpless in the face of ice cream. I tremble at the sight of Cheetos. Nine letter word meaning “Thought most often found occupying Rachel’s pregnant brain?” NOMNOMNOM.

Clearly my utopia would be sitting in my freshly painted bedroom watching the Olympics with an open bag Bugles and a crossword puzzle in my lap. Uh, hooked up to a catheter.


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1 Anjie { 08.18.08 at 2:55 pm }

i also find the olympics seriously addictive! andy watched the whole women’s marathon and then walked into the kitchen going “did i really just watch an entire marathon? really?!?”

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