Bug (n.) – See: sunshine, ray of

Sometimes the steady stream of words from Bug’s lips that assaults my ears nonstop from the time my eyes open in the morning until his close at night is enough to make me want to run screaming from the house. If I could in fact still run.

But sometimes instead, it goes like this:

“Mom, I like everything.”

“Oh yeah? Well that’s pretty great, liking everything.”

“Yeah. Like I like cars and stop signs and trees and sunglasses and balloons and orange and green and you and Daddy and animals and the zoo and parties and the road and books and houses and sweet potatoes and toys and washing hands….”

“Awesome, that’s a lot of -”

“And Kroger and Moe’s and my bike and the park and swings and Beetles and shoes and yogurt and sleeping and ice cream and baseball and water and the ‘Lympics and cheetahs and milk and my baby sister and playing golf and dinosaurs and Chick-Fil-A and the library and airplanes and getting the mail and jammies!”

“Bug, I really like that you like so many things.”


(a minute passes)

“Oh! Mom! I forgot HAIR! I LOVE HAIR!”

And there you have it, folks. He does, in fact, love everything.


1 Allen { 08.12.08 at 3:02 pm }

did he capitalize Beetles or did you?

2 Jill { 08.12.08 at 7:53 pm }

You make me want to go back and be a mom-to-a-little-kid all over again. And THAT is a miracle.

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