Four v. important things you should know about ASAP

We are having a nose-picking issue in this household. And when I say “we” I mean BUG. And when I say “in this household” I mean BUG ALWAYS BUG WITH HIS FINGER UP IN HIS NOSTRILS ALL THE TIME OMG.

Today I was sitting peacefully on the couch during Bug’s rest time, watching videos online the rain fall out the window and upending a Cheetos bag into my mouth sipping chamomile tea, when the door to Bug’s room busts open and he shoots out with blood running down his face and hands. Seems that whilst he was digging for gold, he struck oil instead.

Years of life shaved off: 2, maybe 3.

Ed. note: Always one to look for silver linings, I would like to say that I haven’t gotten off the couch that fast in months, but lo! It is still possible!

Atlanta has all of a sudden become the lightning and thunder capital of the universe. I’m all about a good thunderstorm, except not during the hours of 4:30-6pm when my scooter-lovin’ husband needs to be on his 35-mile an hour way home. Though lately, with my waning energy and Bug’s apparent testosterone surging, I would take fried Lorso over no Lorso. Just kidding. Or maybe not.

I have encountered several different people lately who have been really incredulous that I am not due last Tuesday. They say incredibly positive and affirming things like “My GOD. October? Is it TWINS? Are you SURE?” Then they come back to me a few minutes later just to make sure my complex is good and solid and ogle my torso some more, shaking their heads and muttering “So big. October? JESUS.”

As these have been non-pregnant women and men, perhaps the best defense is to inquire about their impending due dates. Just a thought.

Lorso’s birthday is tomorrow, and we enter the magical month in which I and my spouse are the same age. It was not a happy accident that our anniversary falls smack dab in that month either. I was covering all my bases when I planned that thing, just in case they made it part of the ceremony or something. “Do you, Rachel, 22 YEARS OLD, take Lorso, NOT QUITE YET 22 YEARS OLD to be your lawfully wedded husband?”



1 Carol { 08.07.08 at 8:09 pm }

You might find it comforting to know that the nose-picking is a normal for his age/developmental stage. The good news is Bug will outgrow this stage soon. Coming soon: four year old who NEEDS to wear cowboy boots and change clothes 28 times a day, five year old who cannot sit through dinner without taking a potty break, night terrors…you get the idea.

Want to know more about the quirks and fun to come? Check out the series of books from Louise Bates Ames and Frances Ilg (Gesell Institute of Human Development at Harvard), such as “Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy,” and “Your Four Year Old: Wild and Wonderful.”

2 alianora { 08.07.08 at 11:11 pm }

Ok, i have to ask. HOW, exactly, did Lorso arrange it so, NOT ONLY do he and my sister Natalie have the exact same birthday, but you and Lorso ALSO insisted on getting married on Natalie’s wedding day?


3 racher { 08.08.08 at 7:51 am }

Uh, even freakier, they also have sons with the exact same name. OMG. I WAS SUPPOSED TO MARRY YOUR SISTER.

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